Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Driver Would Buy Another “In A Heartbeat”

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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) buyers continue to remain loyal—in spite of three recent fiery crashes. The driver in the first crash said he couldn’t wait to buy another Tesla because he felt like the car saved his life, and that sentiment is echoed by the driver in the third crash.

Tesla model s fire

This could be why shares of Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) are having such a good day today, possibly starting a recovery after a rough week last week. Shares rose 4% in early afternoon trading.

Tesla owner blogs about wreck

Over the weekend, Tesla posted a blog from Dr. Juris Shibayama, the driver in the third fiery Model S crash. His story sounds very similar to that of the driver from the first wreck, and both wrecks were pretty similar in nature, involving the vehicle running over a piece of metal in the road.

He said he was driving home at about 70 miles per hour on the interstate behind a truck. There was a trailer hitch with the ball sticking up in the middle of the lane, and after the truck went over it safely, he was unable to swerve quickly enough to miss it. He said it felt like the hitch lifted the vehicle in the air, and later it was discovered that the hitch gouged the road at the site of the wreck.

Driver feels Tesla saved his life

He kept driving, but about a half-minute later, the Model S gave him a warning on the dashboard saying that the car needed service. He kept driving in an attempt to get home, but then the car told him to pull over because it was going to shut down. He pulled onto the shoulder and then started to see smoke coming out from under the car. He walked away from the vehicle, and then a couple of minutes later, the fire started.

He was thankful that he wasn’t injured in the accident and believes that if he hadn’t been driving Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S, he could have been seriously injured. The driver notes that even though the front of the car was on fire, the other parts still worked because he was able to use the remote to pop open the doors so that firefighters didn’t have to pry them open. He also said the fire never got into the passenger compartment and that even his papers and pens in the glove box were just fine.

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