Tesla Bundles Model X Interior Options To Streamline Production

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Tesla is continuing to decrease the number of unique features that it offers on its electric cars in an attempt to streamline production. This time the EV firm is creating a set of pre-defined interior options for the Model X, reports Teslarati.

Reducing features to streamline production

The latest update made to the Model X Design Studio gives buyers the option to select from five unique interior bundles, with each containing an optional carbon fiber upgrade. Previously, buyers could choose from 50 unique interior combinations. Earlier, Model X buyers were provided with individual choices to select from, including seat color, interior trim type, and headliner color.

Tesla’s latest change follows a series of recent updates made to the Model S and Model X Design Studio. All these changes may be an effort to maximize production line efficiency, notes Teslarati. The automaker discontinued its 90 kWh performance variant of the Model S and Model  X– the P90D – last week, leaving Tesla’s P100D as the “new king of the hill,” says Teslarati.

In addition, the electric car maker reduced the number of paint colors provided to its fleet of electric cars as well. The Palo Alto-based automaker has also eliminated the 60kWh battery, the coil spring suspension, and factory tow hitch on the Model X, notes Teslarati. Tesla’s latest change of bundling vehicle options could be something that will ultimately make its way to the Model S sedan and the upcoming affordable mass-market Model 3.

While Tesla continues to bundle in new features that are most wanted, we can expect to see even more reduction in the number of unique options made available as the automaker focuses on efforts to increase production efficiency by “creating a machine that creates the machine.”

Tesla plans second Gigafactory in Europe

Meanwhile the automaker has still not completed its first Gigafactory, but its CEO has already made plans for a second one. Musk announced recently that the huge battery plant which is still in construction near Sparks, Nevada, will soon be joined by a second Gigafactory somewhere in Europe, according to Car Scoops.

“This is something that we plan on exploring quite seriously with different locations for very large scale Tesla vehicles, and battery and powertrain production—essentially an integrated ‘Gigafactory 2’”, Musk said.

Musk added that he wants car production to increase to 600,000 cars a year from 100,000 cars when the Model 3 comes to the market next year. The Gigafactory 2 will produce the cars and lithium-ion batteries, but Musk said both products will continue to be made in the U.S. as well.

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