These Are The Ten Impressive Green Startups

These Are The Ten Impressive Green Startups
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More and more entrepreneurs now are coming up with green ideas, or ideas that tackle environmental issues. Some startups take up green initiatives either to reduce environmental harm, while some do it to gain customer support. Over the past few years, social entrepreneurs have come up with a range of ideas, including energy sharing, ride-sharing and more. Detailed below are the ten most impressive green startups.

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Ten Most Impressive Green Startups

Our list of the ten most impressive green startups is based on the data from Investopedia, Welp Magazine and other sources. This list is in no particular order or ranking. Following are the ten most impressive green startups:

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  1. Fuergy

Founded in 2018, this company is based in Slovakia and claims to be the Airbnb of clean and renewable energy. Fuergy has come up with brAIn, which is a proprietary hardware device and artificial intelligence (AI) software. As per the company, this product helps to "optimize energy consumption and maximize (the) efficiency of renewable energy sources." It helps to reduce energy costs through collaborative consumption or sharing renewable energy with the community or businesses.

  1. Facedrive

Founded in 2016, this Canadian company provides the same services as Uber and Lyft. Basically, it is a ride-sharing and food delivery service that uses an environmentally-friendly transportation system. Drivers who work for the company and use hybrid or electric cars get the opportunity to earn more. As per Facedrive’s website, its food delivery app is Canada's first green service of its kind. Facedrive has a market cap of $4.122 billion CAD.

  1. Power Ledger

Founded in 2016, it is an Australian technology company. The company uses its proprietary peer-to-peer (P2P) application to operate in two markets – environmental commodities trading and energy trading. Similar to Fuergy, Power Ledger's energy trading platform assists users to optimize their energy use by enabling them to share surplus power with others. Last year, the company bagged a contract to test blockchain energy trading.

  1. Wren

Founded in 2019, this U.S. company helps users to live carbon neutral by offsetting their carbon emissions through transparent climate projects. The company offers a web app that assists users in going carbon neutral. Customers who chose to go carbon neutral support projects that Wren shortlists. The company takes a 20% commission over the project price for meeting the operating and marketing expenses.

  1. DUCKT

Founded in 2019, this Estonian company is a smart mobility startup. The company primarily develops and operates docking, locking and charging infrastructure solutions. It has won several awards and recognition, including top pick in mobility 2019 by TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin and one of 7 startups to watch in 2020 by Google Startups. DUCKT is headquartered in Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia.

  1. Greenly

Founded in 2019, this France-based company tracks the carbon footprint of every payment and helps users improve their impact. Greenly’s app tracks the environmental impact of everything that a user buys, as well as gives credit when users reduce emissions. Greenly does this by tracking the users’ bank account and linking transactions with ecological information. It is headquartered in Paris.

  1. NatureDots

Founded in 2019, this Indian startup develops resource-intelligent Nature-based systems and solutions using DeepTech for establishing a Climate-Resilient New Nature Economy. NatureDots aims to map freshwater bodies to come up with a Digital Twin of freshwater ecosystems. Its product AquaNurch, creates a healthy water ecosystem and assists aqua farmers in generating more revenue. NatureDots is headquartered in New Delhi.

  1. Green Whale Global

Founded in 2019, this South Korean company deals in bioplastic manufacturing. The company offers an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based plastics, and thus, helps to reduce pollution. Its bio-plastic resin and products decay in 180 days. Green Whale Global is headquartered in Ji Young Hwang.

  1. Smove.City

Founded in 2019, this Cyprus-based company offers a data driven Mobility Platform for bike share solutions. It provides cities with their own shared e-bike solution using a mobile app. The platform gives cities full access to real time data, as well as a fleet of e-bikes. Also, the company works with local bike shops for maintenance and operations. Smove.City is headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus.

  1. ecofoote

Founded in 2019, this Hong Kong-based company is a SaaS and ASP that helps, rewards and connects users to sustainable solutions. Basically, it allows users to measure and reduce their environmental impact. Also, it rewards users for reducing their eco-footprint. Users can then use the rewards to buy sustainable products. ecofoote has a mobile app that uses lifestyle based information to track users environmental impact.

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