Taiwanese Animators – GOP presidential debate: Donald Trump is Trumptastic, Rubio and Cruz go for the jugular

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Published on Dec 16, 2015

LAS VEGAS — CNN hosted the last Republican presidential debate of 2015 in front of a packed audience on Tuesday night at the Venetian in the City of Lights.

The debate finally got underway after one of the longest, most drawn out introductions in history, thanks to CNN.

Front-running candidate Donald Trump got things going by mentioning once again how he would build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants and possible terrorists.

The moderators then gave Senator Ted Cruz a chance to differentiate himself from Trump, but Cruz chose to duck and cover.

Trump then said he doesn’t want ISIS to use our internet, and also added that he wants to penetrate the internet in order to find ISIS.

Senator Marco Rubio and Cruz were at each other’s throats all night long.

Governor Jeb Bush was struggling to just to get heard. When he did get the chance to speak, he tried to attack Trump.

In the end however, most candidates sounded like a broken, old GOP record with familiar talk of increased military spending and threats of more military action.


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