Sunday Link-Fest And Consuelo Mack Video

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On this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack: “Financial Thought Leader”, author of The Fundamental Index, and innovator Rob Arnott, founder and CEO of Research Affiliates explains how investors can achieve better long-term investment returns by combining some new products with tried and true strategies.

The new best-seller by Robert Reich, Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future

David Einhorn’s Short Thesis For St. Joe: The Highlight Of The Value Investing Congress

My Coverage From The Value Investing Congress

My Coverage From The Value Investing Congress

Banks (like Airlines) Have NEVER Made Money…

Vanguard Chips Away at BlackRock, State Street in ETF Price War

The global economy: How to stop a currency war | The Economist

Regional Fed Presidents Back More Policy Action Against Deflation Threat

Obama: End Tax Breaks to Stop Overseas Hiring

Wealth: Communism! | The Economist

Currencies: Race to Devalue Is ‘Fatal’

Is VIX Pointing to a Market Correction?

Norwegians Convicted for Outwitting ‘Trading Robots’


The Choice of a Valuation Method

Organised crime in Mexico: Under the volcano | The Economist


Obesity Epidemic – Investment Implications

China and the Future of Rare Earth Elements

How To Bet Like John Paulson

Weight Watchers Valuation Is Too Fat

Warren Buffett Interview

ATP Oil & Gas: Here Comes The Short Squeeze!

BofA Quant: Dividends Strongest Performing Theme This Year

Arab elections: Not much of a choice | The Economist

France’s strikes: Struck off | The Economist

What Conflict of Interest? How Power Blinds Us to Our Flaws

As Democrats’ message lags, GOP awaits wins

Obamanomics Paints Ohio Red

Windows Phone 7 is a big gamble, for both Microsoft and consumers

Mandelbrot, father of fractal geometry, dies

Ahmadinejad: Lebanon a school of Jihad?

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