SocialBu: A Value For Money Tool To Efficiently Manage Your Social Media Presence

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Social media management has become an integral part of every business, both big and small. Nowadays, managing social media not just means posting updates to social media accounts, rather it means constant interaction with current and potential clients, as well as looking for new opportunities to expand reach and visibility.

Big businesses usually hire professional social media managers to manage their social profiles, but for a small business or a startup, who are usually tight on budget, doing all this on their own could be time-consuming and can get very frustrating.

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Thankfully, plenty of social media management tools are available to assist businesses to manage their social profiles. Such tools can help businesses streamline their workflows, save time and ensure the desired content reaches the right audience and at the right time.

Choosing the right social media management tool, however, is a challenging task. In general, a social management tool should be user-friendly, easy on pocket, customizable, have prompt consumer support, analytical tools as well as automations.

Most social management tools offer one or more of these features, but there aren’t many that offer all these features under one head. However, i recently came across one such tool – SocialBu - that ticks all these boxes (and more) to offer a great user experience overall.

SocialBu – What it Offers?

It is a social media management tool that helps users – businesses and individuals – save the time they spend on social media activities. SocialBu enables users to schedule and publish content for all their social media accounts in one place.

Moreover, it allows users to engage and interact with followers, as well as easily automate repetitive tasks. The tool offers several advanced features as well, including Custom queues, Location tagging and more.

SocialBu supports all major social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My Business.

It offers the following features: Post scheduling, Multiple account management, Bulk scheduling, Post approvals, Post insights, Post preview, Automate messages and replies, Analytics, Advanced analytics, Social Inbox, Social Calendar, Social media monitoring, Dynamic Automation, Hashtag suggestions, Location tagging, Customer support and Custom queues.

What Makes it Better than Others?

Following points make SocialBu better than most others in the market:

  • SocialBu’s dynamic automation feature is what makes it unique. Though it took me some time to figure it out at first, once set I was able to automate tedious tasks very easily. Moreover, you can create your own automation rules, which itself are flexible and easily customizable.
  • AI content generator is another distinguishing feature of SocialBu. The feature helps to generate content and ideas for social media posts. Though the feature doesn’t always work accurately, it still is pretty good.
  • SocialBu’s fully dynamic automation workflow also makes it better than most others. This means one can easily automate every social media scenario.
  • Other unique features that the tool offers are: Twitter threads and Instagram stories scheduling, post rescheduling and many more.
  • You get a wide range of features, including advanced features, under one head.
  • The tool is user-friendly, allowing users to manage multiple social media accounts at a time.
  • Users get a centralized mailbox to manage comments, reviews, replies, and chats for all social media accounts. Moreover, all messages from users' social media accounts are available in the app, allowing them to reply without switching between multiple apps or accounts. Additionally, users who manage more than one brand can create a mailbox for each brand.
  • It is easier to add other social media channels.
  • Responsive live chat support.
  • Setting it up is easy and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Is it Value for Money?

Affordable pricing is another important aspect of SocialBu that differentiates it from others. The tool has a plan for all kind of users, ranging from $8 per month to $199 per month.

Users can choose from four different plans (monthly and yearly) depending on their requirements and budget. Moreover, all four plans offer a free trial.

For users who aren’t sure if the tool can really help them or not, there is a free plan as well. The free plan supports two social accounts (Facebook and Twitter), 40 monthly posts and more.

Though there are many social media management tools that offer lower pricing than SocialBu, if we look at the features that SocialBu offers under each plan, then I can definitely say that SocialBu’s pricing is very competitive and value for money.

Can You Trust it?

Yes you can certainly trust it. The company has been in existence since 2018 and serves over 13,000 users. Also, most of the independent user reviews that I have gone through are positive and praised SocialBu’s easy set-up process and the feature for scheduling Instagram Stories.

Many users also lauded SocialBu’s customer service for being quick and helpful (and we agree to it as well)

There were a few negative reviews as well, and many of those talked about things that we have also highlighted in our review, such as occasional automation issues. I found it a bit difficult to setup the automation and needed some help from their support team, but once its setup it works well. 

Final Opinion

SocialBu is a remarkable tool to improve one’s social media presence, as well as maximize their return. The tool offers every day features, as well as advanced features in a user-friendly way, and this makes it better than most other social management tools.

Moreover, its automation tool works 24*7 to ensure you are always connected to your audience. Not to forget, you get all this at very affordable prices.


Disclosure: The company was kind enough to give me access in return for an honest review of the product.