How To Take A Snapchat Screenshot Without Being Detected

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There’s a variety of content going through Snapchat on a day by day basis, and for one reason or another, you may want to take a Snapchat screenshot without providing a notification to the sending user. Fortunately, there appears to be a workaround that will let you do just that, which we’ll get into below.

Whatever your reason is for wanting this specific kind of Snapchat screenshot, there’s no denying that the app seems pretty opposed to users taking screenshots uninhibited. The process to do so isn’t entirely foolproof so keep that in mind, but the steps detailed below should generally give you the ability to take a snapchat screenshot in secret without any fear of judgment or confrontation.

How To Take A Snapchat Screenshot Without Sending A Notification

In order to start, you’ll need to launch Snapchat. This guide is written with the assumption that you already have some snaps that have been sent to you that you’d like to screenshot, but if that isn’t the case you can just apply the knowledge at a later date.

On the screen on which you see all of your Snapchat conversations, wait for the Snap to load fully – meaning that the app has entirely downloaded the content and it’s ready and waiting for you to view it on your device. You can tell that you’re ready to take a snapchat screenshot by the full red square to the side of the conversation instead of a swirl that would be present if it was still loading.

Once you’ve received the snapchat and haven’t yet opened it, navigate to the control center on iOS (or notifications center if you’re an Android User) and make sure that all forms of data are turned off – meaning WiFi, BlueTooth, and Cellular data. After turning all those off, turn on Airplane mode to further ensure that your device can’t send any data.

Once you’ve stopped your phone from transmitting data, you can head back in to take your Snapchat screenshot. Once you’ve taken the shot, wait around 30 seconds and then turn your connectivity options back on.

Unfortunately, it does seem like the Snapchat team is aware of this issue and that they are working to address the exploit. The company is staunchly against a Snapchat screenshot without sending notifications, and some users have reported the notification still getting sent out – albeit at a later time.

If you do decide to try this method, please keep in mind that it might not work – so make sure you’re not putting yourself in any potentially uncomfortable situations. Many have reported that this solution works for them, but with Snapchat seeming to stay a couple of steps ahead of users, it’s by far a perfect guarantee.

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