Snapchat Bitmoji Avatars Can Now Come To The Real World

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Snapchat is always known for its innovative features, and now it has created one more. This new feature is a combination of its two most creative features: Bitmoji and augmented reality technology. As you may have guessed by now, Snapchat’s new feature allows you to project a 3D cartoon of yourself into the real world.

How Snapchat 3D Bitmoji is different

Snapchat’s latest feature is an extension of its commitment to bitmoji and its so-called “World Lenses.”  Bitmoji allow users to present themselves as personalized emoji for use within Snapchat and in traditional text messages, and World Lenses help project 3D animations into the real world.

To view your Snapchat 3D Bitmoji, youwill have to select the rear-facing Snapchat camera screen and go the Lenses menu. There, you will find 3D Bitmoji with an existing face and World Lenses. After selecting one, you can even drag, pinch or zoom the Bitmoji. Snapchat even allows you to walk around your Bitmoji, notes The Verge. Snapchat 3D Bitmoji allows you to perform some skateboard tricks, hang out in your favorite spot, or do yoga.

The Snapchat 3D Bitmoji feature is currently available to iOS users, and soon it will come to Android phones. The company also recently partnered with college newspapers to create the so-called Campus Publisher Story.

Bitmoji is Snapchat’s most potent tool

Snapchat’s 3D Bitmoji feature comes at an interesting time. Just days ago, Apple revealed its new TrueDepth camera and Animojis, demonstrating how easily major tech firms can foray into others’ categories and challenge them. According to Apple, iPhone X users will be able to record videos as moving emoji and can share them with friends via iMessage and possibly other apps.

Snap was among the fist social media firms to come up with augmented reality features. Later, rivals Facebook and Instagram launched their own versions of Snapchat’s face-distorting masks. Despite the entry of others, Bitmoji gives Snapchat a competitive advantage, as others don’t have a database of user avatars, notes Recode. Snap acquired Bitmoji last year for $64 million.

A Snap spokesperson told Business Insider, “Bitmojis have an emotional, playful appeal. Our community often uses them daily on Snapchat and elsewhere as a personal extension of themselves.”

According to the company, over 70% of its 173 million daily active users use AR camera filters to interact with friends. Snapchat first introduced selfie lenses in 2015 after it acquired Looksery, a Ukrainian startup. In April 2017, the company integrated World Lenses into the app’s rear-facing camera.

It must be noted that the self-described camera company has yet to make money from Bitmoji. As of now, it is unclear how the company plans to do so. At some point, users might have to pay for certain Bitmoji outfits, or the company may convince brands to sponsor some outfits and accessories, BI suggests.

At 10:13 a.m. today, Snap shares were down 0.4% at $14.97. Year to date, the stock is down almost 39%, while in the last three months, it is down more than 16%.

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