iPhone X Colors: There Shall Be Only Two, And Gold Isn’t One Of Them

iPhone X Colors: There Shall Be Only Two, And Gold Isn’t One Of Them
Image: Apple / Keynote (Screenshot)

Apple fans finally got what they wanted: the iPhone X revealed. The phone won’t ship until Nov. 3, and as expected, it bears a hefty price tag of $999. If you’ve already decided that you must have one, you shouldn’t have very much of a problem picking a color because there will be only two iPhone X colors available: Space Grey and Silver. And also good luck with getting one, as we heard before Apple revealed it that supply could be extremely constrained.

Only two iPhone X colors will be available

Interestingly, the iPhone X colors do not include a true black variant, a color that’s pretty much been a mainstay in the iPhone line for years. White will also not be a choice, even though the company has often offered white iPhones over the years, which makes sense because the color fits with Apple’s branding.

Apple is also not offering a gold or rose gold model, so the only iPhone X colors consumers will have to choose from are Space Grey and Silver. Last year, Apple expanded the number of color choices in the iPhone line, bringing it up to five for the iPhone 7 line-up. There were two different black variants, in addition to silver, gold, and rose gold. Apple also offered a red iPhone 7 under the (PRODUCT)RED branding, but the company has now retired it.

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Which of these iPhone X colors would you choose?

A closer look at the iPhone X colors reveals that the Space Grey option is very close to being black, although it isn’t the Jet Black most Apple fans are accustomed to. The Space Grey color looks like a lighter shade than the Matte Black that was on the iPhone 7 last year, although because the iPhone X has a glass casing, the finish on it will be rather like that of the Jet Black.

Of the two iPhone X colors, Space Grey could end up being the more popular one if it really does come out looking like a lighter version of the glossy Jet Black that’s on the iPhone 7. You may recall that Jet Black was a pretty popular color last year because of the glossy finish, which gave it a sort of piano key vibe.

On the other hand, the Silver model could come out looking rather metallic, so perhaps fans will prefer that shade out of the two iPhone X colors since neither Gold nor Rose Gold is an option.

The death of the Rose Gold iPhone

It seems that this year is the death of Rose Gold after only one year of Rose Gold iPhones. The color quickly became very popular in the iPhone 7 because of how unique it looked, but even the iPhone 8 won’t be getting a Rose Gold option. Instead, Apple will be offering three iPhone 8 colors: Silver, Gold and Space Grey, which is the same color that the iPhone X will be available in.

The Twitter-verse is in mourning now for the Rose Gold color option, and some Apple fans are even demonstrating how important looks are to them today by claiming that they won’t buy the iPhone X or iPhone 8 or 8 Plus because there is no Rose Gold option.

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