Singapore Apple Store To Be Run Entirely On Solar Power

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Following recent openings of its first stores in the United Arab Emirates, Apple has revealed that a future store in Singapore will only use renewable energy.

Apple is known for pushing the boundaries of the retail experience at each new store, and the Singapore location will feature a raft of solar panels that will provide 100% of the store’s energy needs, reports Reuters.

Singapore’s first Apple Store to be 100% solar-powered

The new store will be the first in Singapore, and little is known about it other than the fact it will be solar-powered. Apple is keeping the exact location and opening dates a closely-guarded secret, but it has been confirmed that the company will work with solar energy developer Sunseap Group on the project.

A report claims that the project will make Apple the first company in the region to construct a store powered exclusively by renewable energy. Solar panels are an increasingly common sight in cities around the world, but they rarely provide all of a building’s energy needs. That will be different at the Singapore Apple Store.

Sunseap Group already has solar panels on 800 other buildings in Singapore. Apple will provide financing for the project so that its schedule can be met, and represents another step in Apple’s quest to become more environmentally-friendly.

Apple working to make its operations more green

Another project designed to work towards this goal was announced in October. Apple announced plans for various projects in China that would produce over 200 megawatts of renewable energy. Apple has also signed a commitment with a solar farm in California which will provide renewable energy to the company’s new “spaceship” campus which is currently under construction.

In February this year Apple CEO announced what he called the “biggest, boldest and most ambitious project ever.” The deal, worth $850 million, will provide enough renewable energy to power every Apple Store in California, offices, headquarters and a data center.

Apple is taking its bold steps in order to reduce its impact on the environment, and its example should be followed by other tech companies. Check back for more information on the Singapore store, including location and opening dates.

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