Want To Sign In To Multiple Accounts On The Same Website?

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…Then have we got the Chrome extension for you.

These days we face a very strange problem. Many of us have multiple accounts on the same website and to sign-in to these accounts, we have to either logout of one account, or open multiple Chrome profiles or incognito windows. While these workarounds work great, there’s a better way to sign-in to multiple accounts if you’re on Chrome.

Multi- Account Login

Here’s a Chrome extension named as “Multi-Account Login” that lets you sign-in to multiple accounts at the same time. Once this extension is installed, you will be able to see a new button in your toolbar. Click on it and it will open a new tab similar to Chrome’s Incognito tab.

You can now visit any site in this tab, regardless of whether you’re signed-in to the same site from other tab or not. Just start a new session with different login in the new tab. As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve opened Gmail, Google Apps, and I can open many more Google accounts.

No-frills extension works as advertised

When you open a new tab, there automatically appears a prefix to it, and strangely, there’s no way to remove it. Overall, this is a nice little extension that will help you to login to multiple accounts of the same website or service. Google Chrome users can get it from the link below.

Install Multi-Account Login from Chrome Web Store

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