Seniors Can Now Apply for 2024 Topeka Property Tax Rebate Program

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Topeka, Kansas residents can now apply for a new Property Tax Rebate Program that will help reduce the burden of property taxes. Applications for the Topeka Property Tax Rebate Program opened last week. The program is aimed at helping those who are 65 or older.

Topeka Property Tax Rebate Program: who can apply?

Topeka’s City Council approved the Property Tax Rebate Program in September last year, and the Administrative and Financial Services Department will administer it. This program is similar to the State of Kansas Homestead Refund Program, with a few differences.

It is a much-needed rebate program as housing costs have increased significantly across the nation this past year. The City Council has set aside $300,000 for the rebate program.

To qualify for the Property Tax Rebate Program, a person must be a resident of the City of Topeka; be over the age of 65; own a home within city limits; must have lived in the home for a minimum of five years; and have an annual income below $37,750.

Selected applicants will get a rebate, or refund, of part of the property taxes paid on their home. The rebate amount can’t be more than the property tax amount originally paid. People eligible for the rebate program will also be able to participate in the state’s existing tax relief programs, such as the homestead refund.

Applications for the Topeka Property Tax Rebate Program opened earlier this year after a slight delay. Recipients will be selected from the pool of eligible applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted. Topeka’s Property Tax Rebate Program is not available to renters.

Applicants can apply online by visiting this link. The application form will be available in paper form as well. Applicants will be able to submit the form in person or mail it to city offices.

For more information on the Topeka Property Tax Rebate Program call 785-368-3970 or email [email protected]. You can also find more information on the program by visiting this link.

Kansas governor unveils tax cut plan

In separate news, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly unveiled a new tax cut proposal on the first day of the 2024 legislative session. It is estimated that the proposal, if approved, would help residents save more than $1 billion over three years.

“As Kansans feel the pain of rising costs, it’s clear that we need to cut taxes. This plan provides relief for middle-class Kansans, is fiscally responsible, and keeps seniors and families in their homes – which is why it’s garnered bipartisan support,” Governor Kelly said in a press release.

The proposal aims to reduce state property taxes, raise standard deductions, eliminate taxes on Social Security income, double the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, create a back-to-school sales tax holiday, and eliminate the state sales tax on groceries and other household goods.