Searches For AI Resume Builders Increase 567 Percent

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Google searches for AI resume builders increase 567% in 2023.

12 September 2023, New York – In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, it’s no surprise that job seekers are harnessing its capabilities to gain a competitive edge. One emerging trend in 2023 is the surging interest among job seekers to deploy AI for enhancing their job prospects.

According to a study by AI Product Reviews, the world’s number 1 trusted AI directory, around 25,000 people are searching for AI resume builders on Google in the US every month.

The AI Resume Surge: What Numbers Say

Google Trends data, as analyzed by AI Product Reviews, shows a staggering 567% uptick in such searches since last year. The significance of this rise can’t be understated. It showcases not just the growing confidence in AI tools but a paradigm shift in the way job aspirants approach their hunt.

AI Product Reviews comments, “The data is undeniable. The job market is increasingly competitive, and individuals are seeking innovative tools to stand out. AI resume builders offer a unique advantage, refining resumes to perfection and aligning job seekers with roles that truly match their profile.”

Regional Breakdown of AI Resume Builder Interest

A geographic deep dive into the data offers further insights. The District of Columbia tops the list with a score of 100 in search popularity. Surprisingly, the interest is widespread, with states like California, Texas, and even New Jersey showing a keen inclination. This underscores that the trend is not just limited to tech-heavy states but resonates across a broader spectrum.

It’s also worth noting that while tech hubs like California are predictably on board, the inclusion of states like Georgia and New Jersey demonstrates the widespread appeal of AI-driven job-hunting tools.

In sum, with the promise of AI becoming even more pronounced, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the gold standard in the job application process. As echoed by AI Product Reviews, AI might very well be the future of successful job placement.

Google Searches for AI Resume Builders (US)

Data gathered using search engine analysis software, Ahrefs. The 20 most popular search terms for AI resume builders were analyzed. US figures were used.

Search TermSearches Per Month (US)
resume ai9000
ai resume builder6200
ai resume writer1300
ai resume900
resume ai builder900
resume ai wonsulting800
resume builder ai700
kick resume ai600
ai resume writing600
free ai resume builder500
ai resume generator500
wonsulting resume ai400
ai resume review350
resume ai by wonsulting350
best ai resume builder350
ai resume builder free350
resume ai free300
ai generated resume250
resume writer ai250
resume writing ai250

Searches for AI Resume Builders in 2023: Regional Analysis

Data gathered using Google Trends. Data normalized on a scale of 100.

RegionSearch Intensity (Scale of 100)
District of Columbia100
Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington52
Virginia, Massachusetts49
Colorado, Utah47
New Mexico46
Arizona, Maryland, New York43
Minnesota, Connecticut, North Carolina39
South Carolina35
Indiana, Missouri30
New Hampshire28
Tennessee, Kansas27
Mississippi, Wisconsin25

Searches for AI Resume Builders in 2023: Popularity Increase Analysis

Data gathered using Google Trends.

Google Trends provides normalized data on a scale of 100. The interest during the last week of 2022 was 19, reaching a peak of 100 in 2023 – a 567% increase in interest in the USA.

Searches for AI Resume Builders in 2023

Google Trends data

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