Samsung Reveals Special Edition Galaxy S8 For Asiana Airlines Members

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Members of Asiana Airlines will be able to buy the special edition Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus at a discounted price just by using their mileage points. With 30,000 mileage points, members can purchase the phones at a reduced price, according to ZDNet.

Special edition Galaxy S8 for Asiana Airlines members

Around May 2016, the Korean firm and Asiana Airlines partnered to release a new flagship variant dubbed “the Samsung Galaxy S7 Asiana,” which was quite similar to the Galaxy S7 model. Samsung included the KNOX security feature in the special edition Galaxy S7 last year.

The smartphone had almost same hardware components as the original but came installed with an application that allowed owners to view/manage their Asiana Airlines tickets and make flight reservations directly on their phone. This year, however, Asiana Airlines and Samsung are doing something different with the latest flagship.

The special edition handsets will display an Asiana-specific theme and probably the airline’s logo on the top of the new sci-fi interface when it’s turned on. According to ChosunBiz, the Korean firm will sell only limited units of the special edition phone. Those who want to buy one can apply between April 7 and April 17 (the same dates for pre-ordering the regular version).

An Asiana Airlines official said, “It is meaningful that we have launched a dedicated phone for our own mileage members.” The official added that they will continue to expand their mileage use opportunities and increase the advantages of their Asiana Airlines mileage members, notes the Korean news site Chosun Biz.

Android Central notes that the promotional offer is open to just Korean consumers, since only the SK Telecom version for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 are offered. This offer is a unique promotion, and we cannot expec it to be used in any other part of the world. The phone can be purchased from Asiana Airlines’ website by redeeming 30,000 miles and paying some extra money.

Samsung has bounced back from Note 7 fiasco

According to analysts, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will sell in good numbers and assist the Korean firm in reaching a record profit in the second quarter. The Galaxy S8 will start shipping to pre-order consumers on April 18 and will go on sale April 21.

Meanwhile, Samsung, which recently launched its new flagship Galaxy S8 and reported its highest profit increase in three years, is now predicting a huge increase for the upcoming first  quarter results. According to the Korean firm, the quarter’s profits will come in at around $8.7 billion, an increase of about 48% year over year. Revenue is expected to come in at $44.1 billion, more or less similar to last year’s number.

Samsung’s forecast suggests that it has recovered from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. The Note 7 hit the company hard, with profits and revenue dropping 30% in the third quarter of 2016. Analysts believe the phone cost the Korean firm $7 billion to $10 billion in total.

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