Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs And Other Key Features

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is due to hit the High Street next week. This potentially big selling phablet will unquestionably garner a lot of attention when it is released, with Samsung having stated that it intends to depose Apple as the world’s biggest seller of mobile devices. Lots will be expected of this handset release, and the latest leaks indicates that Samsung will include similar fingerprint functionality in the device as already featured in the Galaxy S5 smartphone. So what else does Samsung have up its sleeve for the Galaxy Note 4?

Galaxy Note 4 – Display

Firstly, the Galaxy Note 4 will have a large screen, which is now expected to be 5.7-inches in size. At one time this Galaxy tablet was predicted to have a display even as big as 6-inches, but these rumors have since died down, and the latest leaks indicate a quad HD (1440 x 2560 pixels) resolution for the 5.7-inch display.

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Rumors abound in the press in the Far East that both curved and flatscreen versions of the mobile will be available. This was recently reported by The Korean Times, although the smart money is on the curved screen being available solely in East Asia, and possibly only Korea itself, with the Western market receiving the flatscreen model.

Speculation that the Galaxy Note 4 may include a revolutionary three-sided screen which will enable the phablet to be read from an angle are intriguing, but highly likely to be wide of the mark.

Operating system

Although time is extremely short with regard to the release of the Galaxy Note 4, it is possible that the latest version of this Samsung phablet will come with an updated version of Android. This would effectively be Android 4.5, or perhaps 5.0, although the codename of the latest Android release is Lolipop. Currently all listings indicate that the Galaxy Note 4 will ship with Android 4.4.3 KitKat, but the latest Android may see the light of day by the end of September.


We can expect the Galaxy Note 4 to be built around Qualcomm technology. Recent reports have indicated that the Snapdragon 805 processor will be the processor of choice in the Galaxy Note 4 at least in the Western marketplace. The Snapdragon 805 processor is a quad-core Krait 450 chip which ca reach speeds of 2.7GHz, and comprises an Andreno 420 GPU. Murmurings persist that there will be a separate model of the Galaxy Note 4 which will be based around an Exynos 5433 octa-core processor, although again this may be limited to the East Asian, or purely Korean, marketplace.


Considering that Samsung made the camera in the Galaxy Note 4 a central part of its presentation and unveiling, the corporation has been surprisingly quiet about the snapper which is included in the Galaxy Note 4. However, recent leaks have suggested that the camera in the Galaxy Note 4 will be a 16-megapixel rear camera featuring optical image stabilization, autofocus and a dual-LED flash. This would bring the Galaxy Note 4 in-line with the iPhone range, which has embraced optical image stabilization for some time.

Storage and memory

The Galaxy Note 4 will continue to support micro-SD, which will bring the storage capacity of the largest version of the phone up to an extremely competitive 128 GB. Aside from this, Samsung is likely to stick with 16, 32 and 64 GB versions of the phablet. In terms of RAM, reports indicate that the Galaxy Note 4 will be armed with an extremely impressive 4 GB worth. There is certainly little room for complaint with regards to specs in this department.


In common with the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be dust and waterproof. However, analysts believe that the device will stop short of being a water resistant, meaning that although there may be a certain health-related functionality to the Galaxy Note 4, it won’t be quite as durable as such devices as smartwatches.

Other key features

Samsung will also be loading the Galaxy Note 4 with new features in an attempt to significantly distinguish it from previous releases. The most notable of these could be a retina scanner, with Samsung itself giving clues about this feature in previous public pronouncements.

The phablet will also include an ultrasonic cover according to, intended to make the device more user-friendly for those with visual impairments. This innovative device allegedly detects nearby objects and provides users with appropriate feedback.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 4 will also feature a UV sensor, intended to inform users when they have been in the sunshine for too long, and fingerprint functionality will also be stepped up.


Analysts are expecting the Galaxy Note 4 to be released at a similar price point to the Galaxy S5; this could be around $799 in the United States.

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