Samsung Galaxy Note 4 WallPaper Revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is due to launch in September, and more solid material about this much awaited tablet is now emerging. The latest morsel of information relates to the wallpaper for the Galaxy Note 4, which was leaked by in the last 24 hours.

Although this is a relatively minor detail in the final make-up of the handset, it will be of particular interest to those who are particularly anticipating the Galaxy Note 4, as it confirms the resolution that the device will use. As this is the official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper, we now know that the upcoming tablet will indeed have a quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). This is superior to full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), and similar to the resolution included in the Apple MacBook range.

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With the Galaxy Note 4 set to make its debut at a global Unpacked event next week on September 3, Samsung is beginning to unveil more information about this flagship device. Already the Korean manufacturing giant has made a number of Galaxy Note 4 teaser videos available to the public in order to whet appetites ahead of its release. There has been a good deal of speculation regarding the possible specs of the Galaxy Note 4, but what can we realistically expect from this phablet?

Galaxy Note 4 – Display

Given the wallpaper leak, we already have a pretty much certain expectation regarding the resolution of the Galaxy Note 4. Aside from that, there have been a few rumours that Samsung may release an extraordinary flexible, three-sided display which is intended to provide superior viewing angles for people using the handset. This is possible, but with no solid evidence to support it, and no images released in accordance with this rumor, it seems a bit of a non-starter. The Galaxy Note 4 is much more likely to be a conventional mobile device, and even a curved display may be limited to Korea, as with the previous iterations of this mobile.

Additionally, although Apple is looking to arm the iPhone six with a sapphire display, it is unlikely that the Galaxy Note 4 will follow suit, due to the expense associated with doing so.


There have been a lot of rumours regarding the possible processor for the Galaxy Note 4, and as these have yet to be either confirmed or denied by Samsung, murmurings have continued undisturbed. Some analysts have suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 will sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip for some models and a Exynos 5433 octa-core CPU for other versions.

However, possibly a more likely scenario would be for the two processers to be organised along geographical lines rather than based on models. This would see the Exynos chip in European versions of the Galaxy Note 4, while the Qualcomm processor is more likely to be utilized in variants of the handset destined for the US market.


The Galaxy Note series has always delivered extremely good battery life, and this is something that Samsung has particularly prided itself on. It is probable given the quad HD status of the Galaxy Note 4 that the battery in the handset will be significantly upgraded. Therefore expect the battery in the Galaxy Note 4 to be more formidable than the Galaxy Note 3?s 3,200mAh battery.


The Galaxy Note 4 is very much a high end tablet, and that Samsung intends for users of the device to be able to engage in any activity which is feasible with a mobile device. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that Samsung will continue to support micro-SD storage, as well as probably releasing a 64 GB version of the Galaxy Note 4.

Fingerprint Sensor

Aside from the software improvements, it appears likely that the Galaxy Note 4 will include a fingerprint sensor somewhat similar to the one found in Samsung’s other major mobile, the Galaxy S5. This would likely lead to some form of swipe-based functionality.

Waterproof Design

While some of the forthcoming mobile devices will be very much marketed with a health and fitness remit, it is unlikely that the Galaxy Note 4 will receive this particular emphasis. Therefore although there have been quite a few rumors suggesting that the Samsung phablet could possibly be waterproof, this seems a little wide of the mark. The IP67 certification that the Galaxy S5 came with indicates that the mobile is both dust and water resistant, but not waterproof. Weshould expect similar functionality from the Galaxy Note 4.

With time ticking away to the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 4, we will soon find out precisely what we can expect from this flagship Samsung device. Although there have been some extreme predictions, it is more reasonable to expect it to be an upgrade from the previous Galaxy Note device.