‘Rigged’ Process Democrats Are Using To Steal A Seat

‘Rigged’ Process Democrats Are Using To Steal A Seat
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Davis Discusses ‘Rigged’ Committee Process Democrats are Using to Steal a Congressional Seat

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Democrats Have Rigged The Rules To Steal A Seat

Washington, DC –  Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) and Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) join Spicer & Co. with Sean Spicer and Erin Elmore on Newsmax regarding the contested election before the committee. Davis discussed how Democrats have rigged the rules of this contested election process in order to remove Miller-Meeks from Congress and steal this seat.

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Spicer: Some Republicans claim rightfully so that the Democrats are trying to steal the seat. So, what happens now? Let’s ask. Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks and Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis, who’s the ranking member of the House Committee on Administration. Good to see you both.

Miller-Meeks: Good to be with you. Thank you for having us both on.

Spicer: Alright, landslide, Congresswoman, I want to ask you, your race was certified. We talked about this on this air. Your former opponent, we were wondering what she was going to do. We know now, you probably guessed it, but she continued to raise challenge. How do you get past all of this and stay focused on what you need to do?

Miller-Meeks: Well, you're right. It’s the never-ending campaign and we won on election night, we won on the county canvas a week later, we went on the recount, which was bipartisan, we were sworn in by a bipartisan executive council. She had the opportunity to make any petition or grievance or contest to the Iowa state courts. She skipped over that and went to Nancy Pelosi in Congress and she did an interview here in Iowa, a television interview and said she had to go to congress to "get the result she needs”. Their petition was filed yesterday with Representative Davis and the House Committee on Administration and in that petition for attorney Marc Elias, the response to that says, that you know, the committee should use all discretion to depart from Iowa law and that tells you all that you need to know. This is about disenfranchising 400,000 voters. It's about getting the results they need not counting every legal ballot. And it's about using a partisan political process rather than election process and election law here in Iowa.

Overturning A Certified Election

Spicer: Congressman Davis, it's your committee that goes the deals with this. Walk us through what's happening now because as I understand it, only three times in history as the House actually overturned a certified election.

Davis: And the last time was in 1985 after a very close election in Indiana's Eighth. that's why it's, yeah. McCloskey over McIntyre. McIntyre won by a slightly more than what Mariannette won by, but a partisan political process ensued. and when the Democrats found enough votes that they counted to give McCloskey the victory, they removed, pray there, they did not seat Rick McIntyre. The difference between Rick McIntyre and Mariannette, Mariannette got sworn in. She's just like the rest of us. She's a member of Congress. The Democrats are gonna use a partisan political process to try to expel her, and it's a rigged process. Mariannette won by six votes and do you how many Democrats voted on House Administration Committee to not dismiss her case a week ago? Six. So, it's amazing. Nancy Pelosi can use six votes to expel Mariannette but not respect the six vote margin that the will of 400,000 Iowa voters put forward to send this great lady, this veteran, to congress.

Elmore: Well Congresswoman, this must be so hard for you and I know you just want to get to work and start serving the American people and serving your state. But, are you counting these Democrat votes? What is the next step in the legal process for you? What are you doing looking forward?

Miller-Meeks: Well, first and foremost, the voters of Iowa’s Second Congressional District and the constituents of Iowa's Second Congressional District deserve representation. So first and foremost, I’m doing my job as a Congresswoman from Iowa. So I’m in my district, I went to a workplace vaccination site, I was helping with vaccinations for COVID-19. I’ve been visiting with the army corps of engineer with locks and dams on the Mississippi. We've been helping people get their passports, social security benefits, stimulus checks, you name it. We're doing what the people of Iowa deserve to have done, as their congressperson. So you have to focus on that, first and foremost. It's in the back of your mind. It overshadows everything. But first and foremost is people deserve to have representation. So this is going on, you know it's going on, and you have that process, and luckily I have a great colleagues and such as Representative Davis to help through this process. But we're going to continue to proceed as we're doing, you know, talking about it. Your bringing it up to the attention of everybody is extremely helpful...

But people in Iowa, including the Des Moines Register, and all the major newspapers, said that they had endorsed Rita Hart, but she should not have skipped over the aisle, of course, and she should concede. So I still think there's time for her to gracefully concede...

Are Democrats Ready To Cast This Vote?

Spicer: ...Congressman Davis, you guys are in the minority both in the committee, obviously, and then overall in the House of Representatives. When you talk to your Democratic colleagues, are they ready to cast this vote?

Davis: You know when I talked to them, and I feel like a broken record talking to some of my Democratic colleagues about this, they really weren't aware of the situation, but because of outlets like yours, bringing it the attention of the American people of what an injustice this is, to a duly elected Member of Congress who possesses a certification, a Certificate of Election from the state of Iowa. You guys have made sure that Democrats have begun questioning their leadership on expelling Mariannette. And that is a big, big thing happening in congress right now, because we only need to take away about five or six Democrat votes to make sure that Mariannette stays in Washington D.C. and does the phenomenal job. she's already begun.

Spicer: Well I’m glad we're able to do our little part here. Thank you for what you both are doing to fight. I get it.  Pelosi's majority is going way down and she needs to get it from wherever she can. But this is not one place that they should go hunting. Congressman, thank you for being here, and for leading the charge in the House Administration Committee. Congresswoman, good to see you again. Keep the fight up. Please, make sure you stay in touch with us.

Miller-Meeks: We will do that. Thank you so much for bringing this to people's attention.

Spicer: You bet.

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