Google Issues Replacement Phones For Pixel 2 Camera Errors

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Google seems to be silently replacing phones to address Pixel 2 camera errors. It appears to be a hardware issue that can’t be fixed by a software update.

While the Pixel 2 is all-around an excellent phone, any high-end flagship is bound to have some issues. With Google’s latest entry, however, there are multiple problems that seem to necessitate replacing the phone entirely. The latest of these issues are Pixel 2 camera errors that can’t be fixed without a brand new handset.

Adding another headache to Google’s list, the Pixel 2 camera errors join the sensitive proximity sensors and microphone issues that are already plaguing a number of users.

Piunikaweb reports that users have been experiencing Pixel 2 camera errors since mid-November, where their units would display the message “the camera device encountered a fatal error” upon accessing the Camera app – essentially rendering it useless. With a phone that emphasizes its excellent camera as much as Google’s new flagship, Pixel 2 camera errors are especially severe and something Google would want to work out quickly and quietly.

Google initiated investigations, but it turns out the Pixel 2 camera errors are more of a hardware issue than a software bug – necessitating a full replacement of the faulty phones. Included below is one of the complaints from an Android developer who confirmed that it was, in fact, a hardware issue (courtesy of Piunikaweb.)

“I would recommend everyone get a replacement because it seems like a hardware or power issue. I am an Android developer myself and all the debug logs indicate a hardware problem.”

“The Response was to get an RMA for the issue and support said there tracking the problem and issuing replacement devices for those effected [sic] wince [sic] there is no known fix.”

It seems as if Google has been pretty good about replacing the phones with the Pixel 2 camera errors, with multiple users chiming in from around the web to confirm that they were able to receive a replacement device.

“I just got my RMA in from Google, no issues whatsoever. I flashed back to stock and launched both cameras side by side, new one no crashes, old one crash after 3s. I highly recommend setting 687 aside and getting an advanced replacement, there may still be enough time to get it before the holidays. This must be a failing hardware issue.”

“My first replacement had the same problem (didn’t show up for a day or two though). My SECOND replacement has not had the problem at all in the past 3 days. I’d recommend you getting [sic] a replacement – if it works you win, if it doesn’t work you don’t lose anything.”

“When I opened a support ticket (via online chat option) it was escalated to their advanced support team.This might have only happened because I had already previously provided some debugging information to the Pixel/Android team. It took quite a bit of back and forth with information before a replacement was issued. Once it was the phone arrived in just a few days via FedEx. You might find the process of getting issued a replacement faster though.”

At this current point in time, it’s looking like it’s not possible to fix the issue in a patch. So if you’re having issues with Google Pixel 2 camera errors, it may be in your best interest to contact Google and get a new phone entirely.

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