Google Pixel 2 Phones With Proximity Sensor Issues Will Be Replaced

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Google is now addressing the Pixel 2 proximity sensor issues by replacing faulty phones, reports piunikaweb.

Google Pixel Proximity Sensor

For the past few months, Pixel 2 proximity sensor issues have been plaguing the phone’s owners. While the Pixel 2 is no doubt an improvement over the original Pixel, there have been a number of problems ranging from screen issues to oleophobic coating problems – and now Pixel 2 proximity sensor problems. While the majority of high-end smartphones these days generally have at least a few issues, the Pixel 2 has had a little bit of a rougher launch when compared to competitors. Google at least seems good about customer support, however, as piunikaweb reports that the company is replacing handsets with the Pixel 2 proximity sensor problems.

The proximity sensor is responsible for detecting object nearby, and in the case of smartphones, it’s a large part of how the device screen turns on. Lately, however, this useful feature has been causing nothing but problems for some Google Pixel 2 owners.

Many users report that the Pixel 2 proximity sensor is now extra sensitive, malfunctioning during scenarios like calls. The screen has remained completely black when the phone is moved away from the ear as well, which essentially renders the phone useless during a voice call. With some prompts during phone calls requiring entry of numbers via the keypad, or for people who like to switch between speakerphone and a regular call, it’s easy to see how the Pixel 2 proximity sensor problems could be a real issue.

Because this problem is related to the proximity sensor, it also has an effect on the Ambient Display feature, with user reports saying that the AD becomes unresponsive or turns off completely.

User Reports

Several comments from around the web seem to echo concerns regarding the Google Pixel 2 proximity issues:

“It happened on my Pixel 2 after I upgraded to 8.1. The screen refuse [sic] to turn back on during/after a phone call, even if the phone is not against my face. Never had this problem before the update.”

“Having the same problem. Unable to go away from the black screen during a call and double tap to wake won’t work as well as the fingerprint reader. Therefore I have to wait for the other person to wake up. Very frustrating.”

“Having the always-on display not work is a minor inconvenience but not being able to see the display *at all* when on a phone call is extremely annoying. It’s not possible to switch over to speaker-phone or press any keys for touch-tone menus. This also happens while in safe-mode so I don’t think it is app related. It starting happening as soon as it was updated to 8.1 and happens on every call (even listening to voicemails or whatsapp voice calls). The AOD disappears after about 10 seconds.”

With so many people reporting issues with the Google Pixel 2 proximity sensor, Google seems to be quite concerned about the problem. If you find yourself struggling with the same issue, consider reaching out to the Google support team regarding a possible phone replacement.

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