Release Date For Pokemon Go Gen 2 Possibly Leaked

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 has been the talk  of the town lately, especially after the fading interest in the first iteration. A few weeks ago, there were reports that 100 new Pokemon from Gen 2 will be added to the game. Though Niantic has not made any official announcement regarding the addition of new Pokemon, it seems the release date has been mistakenly given away by an internal memo from Starbucks.

Questions about the credibility of the source

In a Pokemon Go sub-Reddit post, a self-proclaimed Starbucks employee claimed that an internal memo from corporate revealed that a new marketing campaign would coincide with the release of “Pokéman Version 2.” The letter has some major issues associated with it, and dozens of Redditors pointed this out, notes BGR. There is no evidence to prove that the letter has actually come from Starbucks. Also there is a critical error in the spelling in the form of “Pokeman,” which appeared thrice in the letter.

The source included a message along with an image of the memo. The source said he is a Starbucks employee, and this was one of the most recent updates that the company made to employees. However, it could not be made out if the reference was specifically to Generation 2, whether Starbucks and Niantic are partners, or if the push will take place on the date specified, the source said.

“However, it all makes sense to me, but this would be a huge update. Based on the description of the event, it would require Niantic to put a Pokestop at every Starbucks. Lastly, I realize this may seem strange, especially with the ‘Pokeman,’ but it’s a real email and I can send proof to the mods if required,” the message read.

Is the source right about Pokemon Go Gen 2?

The person posting the message on Reddit took it down soon, along with the original leaked photo of the internal memo. He may have feared that Niantic might drag him into some legal hassles, and then he would have to face the ill consequences of getting caught, says IB Times.

Plans for launching Pokemon-inspired drinks and an exclusive deal between Starbucks and Niantic to facilitate the use of Starbucks stores as drop zones for luring more Pokemon were clearly outlined in the memo.

These rumors have not received any comments from Nintendo as yet. Hence, it is advisable that the leak be taken with a grain of salt, even more so because the source doesn’t seem to be substantial enough to support the claims.

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