Ray Dalio: China Trade War An Intolerable Tragedy?

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I got a comment on my most recent post about China, and I wanted to share my response so I can hear from others and have a conversation.

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Tomas’s comment: “‘I also think that we are too focused on that China trade issue and not adequately focused on how we are taking care of ourselves’ brilliantly said! China also has some struggles. I find it strange that as a "communist" country some public services e.g. education quality is poor, but on the other hand government strives to give the opportunity to everyone. While in Europe/US good education more and more become an elite thing...”

My response is that I agree and think that is such an obvious and intolerable tragedy. It used to be that our most fundamental value was to strive for equal opportunity for all because equal opportunity is both equitable and productive for our society — and striving for equal education is the same — it’s both equitable and productive for our society. I think it’s a tragedy that we as a people aren’t even talking about striving for equal opportunity and equal education. I’m curious what others think about that. Do you not think it’s an intolerable tragedy?

Article by Ray Dalio via Facebook

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