Niantic Admits That Weather And Season Affect Pokemon Go

Niantic Admits That Weather And Season Affect Pokemon Go
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The location-based augmented reality game Pokemon Go could be affected by changes in season cycles or weather, according to gaming giant Niantic. The game developer said that they will monitor these possibilities starting next year, according to a report from University Herald.

Niantic raising headcount to address the issue

Recently, Mike Quigley, Niantic’s chief marketing officer, discussed how real-life weather and season changes could have effects on the mobile game. Quigley said the dynamics of the environment and nature are issues that they would factor in to make sure users of the mobile game get the most fun out of it.

Regions and countries differ in terms of seasons. When it is winter in the U.S., the U.K. and Germany, countries on the other side of the world like Brazil and Australia are in the summer season. Pokemon Go could be affected by seasonal and weather changes, especially during the winter season. The game developer is working to figure out ways to continue to maintain user engagement despite the winter season.

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According to Nintendo Everything, the gaming giant is planning to double the size of its teams to address this and deal with similar future issues. By the middle of 2017, the gaming giant expects to have about 140-150 team members. Currently, it has a 70-member team. According to Games Industry, Quigley said that this expansion should be done practically in a meticulous and responsible sense so that they will not incur unnecessary expenses.

Pokemon Go and The Pokemon Company are working harmoniously with the game developer; hence, they are anticipating a more positive result in the future. Rather than focusing on how mobile free-to-play games will lapse out, they are more focused on making a great game, said Quigley.

Next Pokemon Go event before Thanksgiving

In other Pokemon Go news, the game’s next major event will take place beginning this weekend and run until Nov. 23.

“This allows the span of the event to command the time in the week before Thanksgiving begins, then ends the day before that holiday begins,” says Slashgear.

The pre-holiday event is taking place in three places in Japan; however, if players do not live on that side of the sea, then there is some good news as well. This Japan event starts and ends before Thanksgiving, the next big holiday in the U.S. on Nov. 24. Earlier, there were reports that the Pokemon Go Thanksgiving Event would probably take place on Thanksgiving week, and we have no reason to doubt that this could change because of the Japan event, says Slashgear.

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