What We Know About Pokemon Go Trading So Far

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Pokemon Go has undoubtedly become the most popular mobile game these days, but there are players who still want more. Since the launch of the game, trainers have been waiting eagerly and patiently for trading to be added. The feature was teased in the original trailer for the game in September 2015, but it still has not made its way into the game, notes BGR.

Pokemon Go trading: what we know

Niantic added the unexpected Pokemon GO Buddy System and bot fixes in the third update to the game. The Pokemon Go Buddy System fixes the dilemma of all players on earning Pokemon candies to power up their Pokemon. But the update did not include the trading feature which was expected to be included in the franchise.

Though there has been no information from Niantic about the feature, some perceptive fans have found hints at the feature in the code of the latest update. In the code dump of the Pokemon Go 0.37.1 APK, it was found that players will be able to search for “Trading Players.” They will be able to create, cancel and complete trade offers. Also the code was only for trading Pokemon.

There is no information on the range and visibility of Trade Search, so it is too early to say if players will be able to trade all over the world or not, notes BGR. It cannot be concluded yet about what type of connection trading will use; however, it does communicate with the server side to trade offers and replies.

Wait to end soon

In addition, it is good news for players who do not have friends on the gaming app as the ability to search for trading players sounds like we will not need to be friends with a player to trade. The users can, instead, just search an area and see if any player in the vicinity wants to trade one of their Pokemon.

None of this is for certain until the gaming giant actually makes an announcement. What is certain is that the feature will eventually be added, as in July, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that Pokemon Go trading is indeed coming, eventually, if not soon.

BGR says it feels that most of this is finalized, considering the amount of information that was available on the Buddy Pokemon feature even before its release. With that said, it appears like players will not have to wait long and will be able to trade Pokemon, not just items, when the feature comes out.


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