Pokemon Go May Never Come To Nintendo Switch

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Pokemon Go may not be available for the Nintendo Switch even though it is a mobile console. Nintendo’s new on-the-go device is practically a console that one can take anywhere. However, seeing Pokemon Go on the console is very unlikely for several reasons, explains iTech Post.

Pokemon Go not built for Nintendo Switch

The main aim of the Nintendo Switch is to incorporate mobility into a full working console. It is practically a tablet with mini controllers that one can take anywhere. The presence of side controllers is an indication that the Nintendo Switch isn’t a touchscreen device. So it will not be possible to swipe and throw the Pokeball, notes iTech Post.

It is also highly unlikely that the Nintendo Switch has GPS, although it will have Wi-Fi. Thus, the augmented reality game is fully unsuited for the console since it will not have access to cellular networks. In addition, it looks like Nintendo did not have any plans to combine the two. Also an external camera may not be present in the Nintendo Switch.

When it comes to engaging game design and gameplay, Pokemon Sun And Moon is better than Pokemon Go overall. The only disadvantage is that you need a Nintendo 3DS to play Sun and Moon, whereas Niantic’s augmented reality game is played on the smartphone you already own. Overall, the type of gameplay found in Pokemon Sun And Moon will be better for the Switch, notes iTech Post.

Fastest mobile game to hit $600 million revenue

According to market research firm App Annie,Pokemon Go is the fastest mobile game to reach $600 million in revenues. The mobile game is the most successful game in history, even if its growth is slowing down. App Annie found in its third quarter market index that Niantic Labs made more than $600 million in revenue from July through the end of September.

In terms of the amount of time it took games to hit that amount, the augmented reality game set the new record at just 90 days. Candy Crush Saga took more than 200 days to hit $600 million, while Clash of Clans took more than 500 days and Puzzle & Dragons took more than 400 days.

Additionally, App Annie said the overall time spent in Pokemon Go was nearly equivalent to that of the next 19 games combined. For the third quarter, compared to 55% for the next 19 games, Pokemon Go accounted for 45% of the time spent in Android games.

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