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PlayStation 4 Neo release date and price leaked

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You know when you tell someone something and ask them to keep it quiet… it usually means don’t tell anyone and certainly don’t show anyone! Well, it looks as though Sony could have trusted Amazon Spain with something very important, only for it to go and what looks like accidentally spill the beans! If you haven’t read the title of this article yet, it spilled the beans about the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo. Which is supposed to be Sony’s next interim gaming machine.
PlayStation 4 Neo release date and price leaked


If you did not happen to be browsing Amazon Spain at the time of this unfortunate miss judgment. Luckily for you, someone from VGLeaks was and managed to capture a screenshot of the new PlayStation 4 Neo console being offered on pre-sale.

As for price, the console was listed at €399.99 ($442) and had a shipping date of October the 13th. These details actually match recent reports, which talk about what Sony has planned for a new and upgraded version of its PlayStation 4. These details were finally confirmed in June by the Financial times.

Specs, Features and Price

As you probably already now, the next version of the PlayStation 4 has been codenamed NEO, and will support 4K video content and richer and more detailed graphics. Not meant as a replacement for the PS4, Sony see’s the PlayStation 4 Neo as a complimentary device to the current model, something that offers backward compatibility and improved support for the upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

With regard to price, you probably won’t be surprised to find out that the PlayStation 4 Neo will be more expensive the current $350 console. Last month rumors had been suggesting that it would top out somewhere within the region of $350 – $400, however, according to the leaked image, it could be a little more expensive.

Supercharged Gaming

If you’ve been following the news and rumors surrounding the PlayStation 4 Neo, then you will know that this console is not going to offer huge amounts of improvement over the previous console. However, what it does offer according to rumors, is a new gaming mode, which intends to take advantage of the overclocked specs the console will feature. On offer are higher clock speeds, an improved GPU, and an overclocked memory bandwidth.

Virtual Reality Support

If you’re an owner of the current PS4 or someone hoping to get your hands on the PlayStation 4 Neo. The good news is that both consoles will support the use of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset, which will be available at some point in October 2016. And will come in two different variations, the first will be the standard barebones model for $399, and then the second for $499, which will come with Move controllers, PlayStation VR Worlds and a PlayStation Camera.

Final Thoughts

Neither Sony or Amazon have commented on what was obviously a huge mistake by someone at Amazon. So as things currently stand the leak of the Amazon image should only be treated as if it was a rumor (with a pinch of salt). Personally, I think it makes sense to believe that Sony will launch its new console at the same time as the PlayStation VR headset. In fact, there could be a good reason for it to bundle both devices into one great package! What do you think?

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