The PLA At 91: Chinese TV Celebrates

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“The world is far from being tranquil and peace needs to be safeguarded,” said Xi Jinping, chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission. China faces diverse challenges such as territorial disputes, Taiwan issue, Chinese workers and investments exposed to unstable environments globally. Recent PLA reforms are far-reaching on multiple levels for multiple purposes. How do they address China’s new defense and security requirements?

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The PLA At 91: Military Mission, Reform, Restructure


This week to be closer to China August 1st as the 90 first anniversary of the People's Liberation Army theL.A. in recent years President Xi Jinping also chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission has instituted far reaching reforms on multiple levels for multiple purposes. One of the strategic directions and interests of the palay how strategies will start to change. Under Chairman we have to increase public protection connectivity will be a response but it public security. What kinds of hardware systems says the VLA to fulfill its mission of protecting China's territorial integrity to carry a station China is determined to keep the aircraft carriers.

How is China building world class armed forces. Yahoo. This week being closer to China.

August 1st is the 9D first anniversary of the People's Liberation Army. TheL.A. It was born on August 1st 1927 in the Nanchang uprising. The first major battle of the Chinese civil war and ever since the PLF has remained under the CPC leadership. It's sacrosanct foundational principle. Speaking after inspecting troops President Jane Pang was also chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission said the world is far from tranquil and peace needs to be safeguarded. Certainly sovereignty issues loom large. China faces growing challenges along its periphery especially territorial disputes such as in the South and East China Seas the Korean peninsula on China's border remains volatile and military men still tell me that the Taiwan issue is the most sensitive China today is engaged globally with tens of thousands of Chinese workers and tens of billions of Chinese dollars exposed to the vagaries of various dangers manmade as well as natural. Moreover China is taking on increasing responsibilities to support UN peacekeeping. While there have been waves of PLO reforms over the years Chairman she has instituted far reaching reforms on multiple levels for multiple purposes. What are these reforms and how do they address Chinas new or enhanced defense and security challenges. One must to watch the PSA to be closer to China.

The Peoples Liberation Army to relay has undergone its most widespread military reforms since 1949 when the 18 divisions reduced to 13 and seven military regions reduced to five transitioning from quantity oriented to quality and efficiency oriented and stressing interservice coordination as a PLG Major General told the ambitious reform of the leadership of President Xi works on four levels. The first is the command and control system. The second is the composition of the forces. The third is the policy and legal system and the fourth is the civilian military integration. Today I've come to China's National Defense University for a briefing on the restructure.

Let's talk about the KLA as we are celebrating its birthday every August 1st and it's a good time to reflect on.

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