Video Of PIA Pilot Inviting Chinese Woman Into A Cockpit Goes Viral

Video Of PIA Pilot Inviting Chinese Woman Into A Cockpit Goes Viral
By BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada (PIA 77-200LRUploaded by Altair78) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A PIA pilot is in the hot seat after he was caught inviting an unauthorized foreign national into the cockpit of the airplane he was flying for a couple of hours during the flight and even during the landing. This is against the law due to safety and security concerns, and this isn’t the first Pakistan International Airlines Pilot to get in trouble recently.

Unauthorized woman in the cockpit of a PIA flight

Earlier this week, PIA Captain Shahzad Aziz invited a Chinese woman into the cockpit during flight PK-853 from Tokyo to Beijing. The woman did not have authorization to be there, and she remained in the cockpit for more than two hours. For some of the time, she was in the cockpit with the pilot and first officer, although for part of the time, she and the pilot were there together alone. She did not return to her seat until after the plane had landed

A source at PIA leaked the details and this video of the incident to ValueWalk.

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The nature of the woman’s relationship with the PIA pilot is unclear, although sources suggest that it appeared that he was trying to get to know her. Some reports suggest that even after the landing, he was attempting to speak with her about her experience during the cockpit visit.

Although it is illegal for unauthorized people to be in the cockpit of an aircraft during a flight and landing, a spokesperson for PIA claims that having one passenger in the restricted area was of no concern. The spokesperson also said they are investigating the matter. It’s unclear at this time whether Pakistan International Airlines will take any action against the captain in connection with the incident.

Other PIA pilot also in trouble

Pakistan International Airlines Captain Shahzad Aziz isn’t the only crewmember from the airline to land in hot water recently. In April, the airline began investigating a pilot accused of allowing a pilot who was still in training to take control of the aircraft while he took a nap for two and a half hours. A spokesperson reportedly said that Captain Amir Hashmi’s flying responsibilities had been suspended pending the inquiry.

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