Peter Thiel: How Companies Go From Zero To One

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An interview with billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder Valar Ventures, Peter Thiel. In this interview, Peter discusses how a company can go from zero to one and which companies have. Peter also talks about Bitcoin, Facebook and investments.

Peter Thiel: How Companies Go From Zero To One


All right good morning everybody. As Mark mentioned my name is Peter Karoli and actually an audit partner in the newly formed Asset Management Group at KPMG. So I’m very honored today to be introducing our next keynote speakerMr. Peter Thiel.

SoMr. Teals a technology entrepreneur an investor and a philanthropistMr. geode first gained attention for innovations in banking and startup finance. Today is a well-known mentor of the PayPal mafia of entrepreneurs and he is also known for his warnings of a coming technology deficit with economic severe economic consequences. In 1998Mr. Teele made e-commerce easier faster and more secure by cofounding PayPal which now has more than 130 million active financial users and 2002. Teal sold PayPal to eBay and founded global macro fund Cleri capital. He’s also known for making the first outside investment in Facebook in 2004 where he currently serves on the board of directors. Building on his personal success as a venture capital investor Peter cofounded and manages Founders Fund a leading VC firm where he has invested in well-known companies such as SpaceX LinkedIn Yelp Zanga and Spotify. In 2012 he cofounded mithril Capital Management an international technology investment fund. till recently created the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship which nurtures the tech visionaries of tomorrow. He has also just published his first book Zero to One which he will be discussing in our discussion here today. Please help me and welcoming Peter to Yale. Interviewing Peter today will be Lawrence Aragón. Lawrence is the editor in chief of bio’s insider a UCG company. Lawrence also oversees rehab and Venture Capital Journal. Aragón has been a business journalist and editor for more than 20 years and has won many awards including those from American business media the Computer Press Association and CMT media. Please help me in welcomingMr. Lawrence Aragón.

My resume just doesn’t stack up with Peters There’s a little off the. Thank you everyone for coming here. Obviously we’re very very excited to have you with us. Thank you for joining us for having me. I just want to add we are going to do want this to be interactive so if you have questions. And I see the Germans and other notes that we have a question who will want to we want to jump in. So let me ask you about the balance of the book is The of one. And you know recently did two things that you never did before. You tweeted Zero to One tweets zero. And then you did have read it Aimée. So why is it so important to you that zero to one is successful.

Well it’s you know if you actually spend on the book came out of this class I taught at Stanford in 2012 and how to start companies. Everything I know about business. And one of the students Blake makes masters took these notes posted on the Internet. Threet 400000 people read them. So I realize that was a tremendous interest and in the end the question of technology and forming new businesses and startups and I try to distill everything that I’ve learned over the last 15 years and enter into the single into the single book. So you know when you when you spend you know you’re writing a book and several years before that building up to it it definitely makes sense to do at least one tweet and to to you know to try to promote it a little bit so so just to help.

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