Paulson Joins Einhorn With 5.1% Stake In Alpha Bank

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Greek banks are hot…  Recently, Einhorn showed a sizeable position in Alpha Bank, and now John Paulson has taken a big stake in Alpha bank. Details from the filing below.

Notification [10.4.2014]
Alpha Bank A.E. (the “Bank”) announces, pursuant to the provisions of L. 3556/2007 and following relevant notification from Mr. JOHN PAULSON on April 9, 2014, that as of April 4, 2014 the latter holds indirect, through his controlling company PAULSON & CO. INC, 208,373,945 voting rightscorresponding to an equalamount of common, registered, voting, dematerializedshares (1.63 % of the total voting rights of the Bank)and titles representing shares ownership rights(Warrants), which if exercised in full, correspond to443,281,600 voting rights (3.47% of the total voting rights of the Bank). As a result, the voting rights corresponding to common shares and Warrants, in case they are exercised in full, amount in total to 651,655,545 or 5.1% of the total voting rights of the Bank.

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