Over A Half Of The World’s Top Crypto Companies Are Located In The U.S.

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Research can today reveal that the USA is the world’s crypto company capital – with California home to the majority of the world’s most successful crypto companies.

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Crypto Head published a complete Cryptocurrency Company Index featuring the most notable companies in the cryptocurrency sector. The rating reveals that over a half of these companies are headquartered in various U.S. cities.

Top Crypto Companies By Location

By Country:

Country Company Count
United States 28
United Kingdom 2
Vietnam 2
Switzerland 2
China 2
India 2
France 2
Canada 2

San Francisco is the most notable city for crypto, with eight of the 50 companies from the study headquartered there.

By State:

Region Company Count
California 15
New York 5
Florida 2

While multiple areas in the world exhibit crypto development, the United States is where the majority (28 out of 50) of the most prominent crypto companies are located.

These numbers are likely to increase due to bans on cryptocurrency introduced last year in India and China - countries previously predicted to become the world’s crypto leaders.

The most highly valued companies in the crypto sector:

Rank Company Name HQ Location Company Value (USD)
1 Binance Valletta, Malta $300 billion
2 Coinbase San Francisco, California, United States $85.7 billion
3 Robinhood Menlo Park, California, United States $39 billion
4 FTX Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas $25 billion
5 Marqeta Oakland, California, United States $17.3 billion
6 Alameda Research Hong Kong, China $10.4 billion
6 eToro Tel Aviv, Israel $10.4 billion
8 Digital Currency Group Stamford, Connecticut, United States $10 billion
8 Ripple San Francisco, California, United States $10 billion
10 DFINITY Zurich, Switzerland $9.5 billion

Further Findings

  • Robinhood has received the most investment with a total of $5.57 billion in investment, followed by FTC ($1.33 billion) and Bakkt ($807.5 million).
  • Extremely male dominated industry: only 4.13% or crypto companies have women in executive-level positions.
  • Other cities across the globe that are home to notable crypto companies: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hong Kong (China), Paris (France)

To view the full report, https://cryptohead.io/research/cryptocurrency-company-index/