Did The Internet Of Things Finally Jump The Shark?

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The Internet has brought us many wonderful things and some that are not so wonderful. Most of us could not imagine living without streaming television shows and movies, but most of us could also do without the fake news and Russian trolls on our timelines. Perhaps the newest mixed bag of all is the online mattress craze, which includes everything from mattresses delivered to your door in a box to mattresses that track your sleep. Both are helpful but are they really going to end up being that great for you?


There’s always a fear when you have a device that tracks you that the information will be used maliciously. With the popularity of fitness trackers many insurance companies are starting to amass vast amounts of biometric data on consumers and no one really knows what that data will eventually be used for. There is always a possibility that your IoT mattress could be used to track whether you are getting enough sleep at night and charging you more for insurance if you are not.

But at the moment tracking your sleep is looking like a mostly helpful thing. Didn’t know you were having night terrors? Now you do! Didn’t know that you were waking up 375 times a night? Maybe you can go get that checked out. As with all technology, there are useful things and there are potentially not so great things.

For the most part biometric mattresses are still in their infancy. The real disruption of the mattress industry is coming from online sales and home delivery. Mattress stores are on every corner because companies know that’s the one thing you will always need and they can get away with higher prices because who wants to sleep on a lumpy pile of straw?

Online mattress sales are not only slashing the prices of mattresses for consumers, they are leading the way in new sleep technology. Purple has a brand new hyper-elastic polymer in its mattresses, while Casper engineers have worked at NASA, IDEO, and Muji. And it’s not just the technology in the mattress drawing customers – it’s also the technology being used to get the mattresses to the customers. Imagine being able to order your mattress and have it delivered, and if you don’t like it you just roll it up, stick it back in the box, and order a new one.

How will you buy your next mattress?

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