One In Ten American Adult Internet Users Own Cryptocurrency

One In Ten American Adult Internet Users Own Cryptocurrency
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10% of American adult internet users, or an estimated 27.1 million people, own cryptocurrency, according to Finder’s latest Cryptocurrency Adoption Index.

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That’s well below the global average of 15%, meaning the United States ranks 22nd out of 27 countries for cryptocurrency ownership.

American Cryptocurrency Ownership Rates

Bitcoin (44%) is the most popular coin among American crypto owners, followed by Ethereum and Dogecoin (32% each).

Cryptocurrency editor at, Keegan Francis, isn’t surprised adoption is lower in the United States, considering awareness of cryptocurrency is also much lower compared to the other countries surveyed.

“Just 59% of Americans know what cryptocurrencies are, while in countries like Australia, Nigeria, and Norway, well over 70% of people are familiar with cryptocurrency,”

“Not only that, but only one in four think cryptocurrency is a good investment,”

“That’s a stark contrast to Nigeria's 81% and the Philippines' 71% where ownership rates are also above average.”

However, Francis adds that there seems to be an increased interest in the crypto market over the past year.

“According to Google Trends data, search volume interest for cryptocurrency increased by about 66% year-on-year. It will be interesting to see if this increase in search volume translates to higher ownership rates over time.”

Percentage of adults who own cryptocurrency:

  1. Vietnam: 29%
  2. India: 23%
  3. Australia: 23%
  4. Indonesia: 22%
  5. Philippines: 22%
  6. Nigeria: 21%
  7. Malaysia: 20%
  8. Russia: 20%
  9. Ghana: 17%
  10. Hong Kong: 16%
  11. Singapore: 16%
  12. Kenya: 16%
  13. Argentina: 15%
  14. Mexico: 15%
  15. Venezuela: 15%
  16. Colombia: 14%
  17. Brazil: 14%
  18. Norway: 13%
  19. Canada: 13%
  20. Ireland: 12%
  21. South Africa: 11%
  22. United States: 10%
  23. Sweden: 10%
  24. New Zealand: 9%
  25. Germany: 8%
  26. United Kingdom: 6%
  27. Japan: 6%

You can read the full report here.

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