Which Office Stereotype Are You

Which Office Stereotype Are You

Follow this guide to find out which Office Stereotype you are.

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No matter what company you are employed by or industry you work in, it’s likely that you spend your day in an office.

And no matter how much we all love our jobs, there are always a few tricky quirks to working in an office.

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One of the most common issues people have is with the health concerns of sitting down for over 8 hours in a day.

Take a look at this post from Cheat Sheet which discusses all of the health issues which can arise from sitting down all day.

On top of the most obvious, being weight gain, sitting down all day can lead to back and neck pain, muscle degeneration as well as lots of other unwelcome things.

Another issue that plenty of people have when working in an office all day is that they experience a shortage of sunlight.

Many offices rely on the benefits of electrical bright lighting over large windows allowing natural light into spaces.

All in all, not getting enough sunlight can lead to health problems. This is because our bodies need Vitamin D and sunlight is one of the best ways to get it. Take a look at this article from today.com which looks into it further.

However, something which all of us have to contend with at work is other employees. While the average office brings together a group of people who share similar skills, it doesn’t guarantee they have anything else in common.

Quite quickly, people can become labelled with certain unofficial titles, such as the office gossiper or messy eater.

These are always titles which we dish out to other members of the workforce. However, have you ever sat back and considered what other colleagues may call you?

Now you can find out for yourself by reading this new infographic from silverdoor.co.uk. it’s called ‘Which Office Stereotype Are You?’, take a look at it below.

Office Stereotype

Office Stereotype


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