Remote Workers Are Happier Than Office Employees

Gone are the days when people had to travel to their company office, driving through heavy traffic, wasting valuable time and money. Remote Workers is the new trend.

Remote work is a popular option today.

People prefer remote work as they can select their work hours and work from a convenient location. The time saved in travel is wisely spent with family and on personal growth.

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Remote work makes them better at what they do and helps them enjoy work. Remote workers are experts in their field, dedicated to their work, are more responsible and are efficient in time management.

For the employer, there is a bigger pool of talent available across the globe at affordable rates. Hiring remote employees also cuts down the office set-up and other administrative expenses.  Hence many employers prefer remote employees.

Remote work is a win-win for both, the employer and the employees. And with new tools available for communication and collaboration, remote work is as easy as ever.

TINYpulse, an employee engagement company, did a survey of over 200,000 employees and below are the key answers:

  • How happy are you at work? Remote workers: 8.10 | All workers: 7.42
  • How valued do you feel at work? Remote workers: 7.75 | All workers: 6.69
  • Rate your relationship with your coworkers Remote workers: 7.88 | All workers: 8.47

The survey reveals that remote workers are happier and feel valued but struggle to be connected with the rest of their company.

Below’s an interesting remote workers infographic created by Time Doctor based on the data from TINYpulse which is easy to understand.

The infographic helped many employers take right actions to leverage the advantages of remote work and avoid pitfalls in their current process.  It helped them put together their remote team management strategy which successfully created an engaging work environment and culture where people thrive.

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Remote Workers
Remote Workers