Trumka: Nothing Provides Financial Stability Like a Union Card

Trumka: Nothing Provides Financial Stability Like a Union Card
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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka delivered the keynote address at the American Legion’s Washington Conference this morning, saying that a union card is a key to a world-class apprenticeship.

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Mutual Helpfulness

“Mutual helpfulness runs on trust. It doesn’t work any other way. We have to trust one another. But we also have to trust that our hard work will pay off and our rights will be recognized. When trust breaks down, everything breaks down. Democracy is just another word for mutual helpfulness at the national scale. And democracy runs on trust, too. No one believes in democracy more than you. No one has advanced it more than you and those you served with.”

“Inequality and financial instability are among the most sinister enemies Veterans face when they take off the uniform. When our heroes return to civilian life, we know too many struggle to find a sense of purpose and feel a sense of respect. Inequality is at the root of indignity.”

“As we connect Veterans to union jobs through these programs and many others, there are two policies that demand our attention today. The first is called Buy American, and it does exactly what it says it does. It revitalizes American manufacturing by making sure our tax dollars advance production here at home. Too many corporations—including many that wrap themselves in the flag—take unfair advantage of loopholes that let them favor foreign-made products.”

Nohting Is Better Than A Union Card For Financial Stability

“There is nothing that restores your dignity, nothing that pulls you back into the workforce, nothing that amplifies your voice in the workplace, nothing that provides financial stability like a union card. It is a key to a world-class apprenticeship. To good wages. To a sound retirement. To solidarity. To equality.”

“What’s inside the PRO Act is the American Dream. It is one of the most patriotic pieces of legislation you’ll ever read. What’s more patriotic than making sure Veterans and military families can get a job and health care and a livable wage? Provide for their families? Have security in retirement?”

“We must understand—and we must never underestimate—the role that racism plays in attacks on the legitimacy of our government and its leaders. You all saw the insurrection at the Capitol less than two months ago. Confederate flags. Nazi symbols. Wolves of anti-Americanism wrapped in patriotic clothing. This inequality is our common enemy, too. It’s just like trust—if our ability to respect one another breaks down, nothing else works.”

“Tell the elected leaders who represent you: Veterans are not props. Don’t just take a picture with us. Take a stand for us. Don’t just thank Veterans for their service. Serve them right back. Give them a job with pension benefits and good health care, including mental health care.”

“The American Legion building and the AFL-CIO building are separated by a few footsteps. It’s a reminder that the American Legion and America’s labor movement are not only close in proximity, but also in a common mission—between union members and Veterans and those who can proudly say they’re both.”

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