Did Not Yet Get A State Stimulus Check? Here’s How To Check

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Several states have sent money to eligible residents over the past year or so to help them fight the high cost of goods and inflation. Although most states have already sent out payments, it is possible that some people may not have gotten the payment despite being eligible.

It is also possible that you aren’t aware of whether or not you were eligible for the payment. So, if you did not get a state stimulus check, it is recommended that you double-check with your state.

Did Not Get A State Stimulus Check? What To Do

Detailed below are the states that have recently concluded sending stimulus payments, as well as how residents can contact the relevant state department if they did not get a state stimulus check:


The state sent out $300 checks in May 2022 to residents who filed 2020 taxes. If you believe you are eligible but did not get a state stimulus check, then you can visit the Delaware Department of Finance website.


The state started sending out $100 to $300 per family beginning in August 2022. If you believe you were eligible for the payment, then you need to check the Hawaii Department of Taxation website or call 808-587-4242.


The state sent relief payments of $850 to individuals or married couples filing separately and $1,700 to couples filing jointly. Those who are eligible, but didn’t get the payment, can use this online tool to learn more about the relief payment.

New Mexico

The state sent taxpayers two rounds of relief payments last summer. Eligible taxpayers received $250 to $500 (depending on their filing status) in the first round, and $500 to $1,000 in the second round. You can contact the New Mexico Human Services Department at 800-283-4465 if you believe you were eligible but didn’t get the payment.  


Pennsylvania, last year, issued a Property Tax/Rent Rebate ranging from $250 to $650. The rebate money was sent to residents over 65 years old, widow(er)s at least 50 years old, and people with disabilities who were at least 18 years old. In case you didn’t get the payment, you can visit the state’s Where’s My Rebate? page.


In 2022, the state government sent out a one-time tax rebate of $250 or $500 to residents based on their filing status. Although most payments were sent by the end of last year, if you did not get this payment, you can visit the Virginia Department of Taxation website or call 804-367-8031.


The state sent inflation relief checks of up to $1,050 last year. If you believe you qualify for the payment but didn’t get it, you need to call the California Franchise Tax Board at 800-542-9332.


In 2022, the state sent a one-time payment of $450 per child to about 60,000 households. You can contact the Florida Department of Children and Families or call 850-300-HOPE if you believe you were eligible but didn’t get the payment.