Nintendo Switch Game Cases May Be Much Larger Than Necessary


One key trend has been reducing the amount of packaging used for various products, but it sounds like the Nintendo Switch might be the antithesis of that. A Twitter user whose profile was later deleted posted some images he claimed were of the cases for the games for the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid gaming device hasn’t even been released yet, so it’s interesting that this person claims to have gotten to see the Super Bomberman R game.

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Nintendo Switch game cases about the size of PS4 cases

The Australia-based website PressStart reports that the games for the Nintendo Switch may have already arrived in stores there. The report stems from images tweeted by @mdimos39, a profile that has since been deleted from Twitter, although there are references to the profile in tweets by other users, indicating that it did exist at one time.

The images show the box for the Super Bomberman R game for the Nintendo Switch, including the art on the inside, the game cartridge, and how the cartridge fits into the box. The gaming device isn’t set for launch until March 3, so the games should be released on and after that date.

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A waste of plastic?

Perhaps the most interesting observation is just how tiny the cartridge looks compared to the size of the box. It’s unclear whether the person who posted the images works at a store that sells games, but PressStart hypothesizes that the games for the Nintendo Switch have arrived in stores and that the person was able to snap a photo of the game even though it’s not on sale yet.

The game case looks almost exactly like the cases for the PlayStation 4 games, although of course the PS4 games are much larger, as they are disks, while the games for the Switch are just small cartridges akin to what the Nintendo 3DS users. It certainly seems silly to use such large cases for such a small cartridge.

Last month, Twitter user Gaijinhunter posted images of the Japanese versions of other games, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

As you can see, those cases also looked similar to the PS4 game cases, although it was unclear at the time whether those were just promotional cases retail stores put up to allow players to preorder the games. The Twitter user didn’t share images of the game inside the case, so it seemed that there was a strong possibility of them being only preorder cases and not the real deal.

However, the new images from Australia showing the game actually inside the case suggests that the Nintendo Switch games will be sold in cases that just waste lots of plastic.

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