Next Generation Batteries Will Charge Phones In Seconds

Next Generation Batteries Will Charge Phones In Seconds
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Android and other mobile device users have several things to take into consideration when buying any kind of device. One of the biggest things to consider is the size of the battery. After all, mobile batteries just don’t last as long as we need them to, and the tendency is to look for a device which not only uses less power but also comes with a bigger battery so that we can maximize the amount of time between charges.

Next Generation Batteries Will Charge Phones In Seconds Next Generation Batteries Will Charge Phones In Seconds

But what if we could build a better battery for mobile devices? Most mobile device users are certainly hoping we can, and many companies will be trying to deliver on those hopes. Android Headlines reports that the next generation Android batteries will be able to not only last for days, but also charge in just seconds.

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Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are apparently working on a battery that’s thinner than all previous batteries. It also fits the wishes of most mobile device users: it lasts a long time and charges in just seconds. Researchers estimate that it’s almost 2,000 times more powerful than existing batteries.

William P. King, who’s heading up the research, said that battery technology has lagged far behind computer technology, and he has a good point. Our mobile computing devices can do so many things—until the battery runs out, which it does all the time. But according to King, the micro-technology his team is working on will make the battery as “high performance” as the rest of the device.

And just think of the applications such a powerful battery could have on technology as a whole. It goes far behind just making mobile devices last longer between charges. It could even increase the power of the devices themselves, boosting their ability to reach cell towers.

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