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New Samsung Galaxy Watch Was Accidentally Leaked By Samsung

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New Samsung Galaxy Watch
Image source: Samsung

Samsung is indeed in the center of the focus lately. Its Galaxy Note 9 should debut in less than a month, while Samsung is also working with several other products including the new Samsung Galaxy Watch. However, it really wasn’t for sure whether the Galaxy Watch was really a thing until Samsung accidentally revealed it, as noticed by CNet yesterday.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch appeared on Samsung’s website in the U.S. yesterday, featured as a 42mm rose gold model. However, as CNet reports, the model number of the unintentionally leaked smartwatch didn’t match with the watch’s reported filling to the FCC that was earlier reported by DroidLife. Still, the “R800” part is compatible with the previous report concerning the product line’s name, and this rose gold watch could be the variant of the previously reported product line.

Those who wanted to see more of what the new Samsung Galaxy Watch looks like will be disappointed because, as CNet wrote, the link led to a dead page, meaning that Samsung could already be aware of its leak. In the screenshot that they caught, however, there is a photo of the product as well as the product description.

The listing was still active on Samsung’s website at the time of CNet’s report. The expected watch was located next to a collection of Samsung Gear S2, Gear S3 and Gear Sport models. However, it seems that Samsung has figured it out and quickly removed it before it spread. Too late to go unnoticed, however.

There are still many questions that have arisen about the Galaxy Watch, like whether it will run Wear OS or Tizen, as written by Android Police. That’s still not certain, although the screenshot allowed us to see what the watch looks like, or at least its rose gold variant. The report suggests that given that the product is called “Galaxy Watch” it is more likely that it will run Wear OS instead of Tizen that can be found on branded “Gear” watches, while smart watches that were running the Android operating system were called “Galaxy Gear.”

CNet tried reaching out to Samsung, to get information but the company hasn’t said anything as of yet. The listing for the Galaxy watch has been removed and all we have left right now is to hope that soon we’ll get to see it officially.


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