New GoPro Hero 8 Leak Suggests We May See New Model in September

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After DJI debuted its first action camera called the DJI Osmo Action, a new GoPro Hero 8 leak surfaced. New rumors emerged from the website Photo Rumors, suggesting that the successor to the GoPro Hero series is going to be announced in September. Additionally, the website leaked the GoPro Max 360 which will likely launch alongside it.

According to photo Rumors, the GoPro Hero 8 leak comes from China, where it’s learned that the model will be announced in September with a plethora of new features and accessories.

The camera boasts a new futuristic design and an optional housing. It comes with additional accessories that will support the quality of action photos and videos, such as a new microphone, new LED light, new screen and more. The rumors further state that the device will also be equipped with a GP2 chip, improving the previously-housed GP1 chipset.

Hero 8 will introduce much better framerates, twice as high compared to its predecessor Hero 7. It will support the maximum framerate of 60 FPS shooting in 4K resolution, while HD filming will boast a maximum of 480 FPS. Photo Rumors further notes that the new model will improve image quality with the new lens, although a 12MP sensor is not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, with such photo resolution and framerates, the Hero 8 will undoubtedly boast great performance once it comes out, if rumors are correct.

The GoPro Hero 8 leak is not alone, Photo Rumors also leaked the GoPro Max 360 which boasts a great range of features. According to the website, the GoPro Max camera was registered with the Japanese Ministry of Communications, with the aim to replace the GoPro Fusion 360. According to the publication, the same model has also been registered within the FCC document codenamed as SPCC1.

GoPro Max doesn’t boast any specifications that could hint at its bells and whistles. However, there are several photos that show what it looks like, compared to a set of rulers so the viewers can get the glimpse of its size. There is also a photo of the cables and what the camera looks like inside.

Photo Rumors is considered a credible source of leaks regarding GoPro Cameras, which gives hope about the GoPro hero 8 leak being true. After all, the same website leaked the GoPro Hero 6 when it was debuting. However, it’s still advised to take this information with a grain of salt before the official announcement comes out. Either way, it would be nice to see new models with features that surpass those of their predecessors.

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