GoPro Hero 8 Expected In September: 1 Must-Have Feature

GoPro Hero 8 Expected In September: 1 Must-Have Feature
Image source: GoPro (screen shot)

We’re still months away from the expected release date of the GoPro Hero 8, but as with any popular gadget, fans are speculating about the features it will or should have. The company has launched previous Hero models in September, so we expect the same timeframe for the GoPro Hero 8 release date, although the company hasn’t yet released an official date.

This feature is a must-have for the GoPro Hero 8

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features in the GoPro Hero 8 will be the video + photo capture feature. It was available in previous models going back to the Hero 5 line-up, but it was dropped in the Hero 6 Black.

A thread on GoPro’s community forums in September 2017 pointed out the feature’s removal in the Hero 6 Black and questioned why GoPro would get rid of it. Some users said they used the feature almost exclusively, often by setting the camera to automatically take photos at five- or 10-second intervals. While it is possible to take stills from videos, the quality of the images isn’t as great, and to do that, users were forced to shoot in 4K to get 8-megapixel stills.

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Additionally, fans of the video + photo capture feature noted that taking stills from videos creates extra work for them. Some even say that the feature would be a deal breaker. Thus, if the company wants to capture a large number of upgrades, it would do well to include the video + photo capture feature in the GoPro Hero 8. Those who are still using the Hero 5 may jump at the chance to upgrade to a newer model with the feature.

Time for a new design?

Some fans also think it’s time for the GoPro Hero 8 to sport a major design overhaul. It’s been three generations since we saw a fresh design, and technology is greatly improved now. While 8K technology is now possible, it may be a bit too early to see support for that in the Hero 8. We expect there to be three models like with the Hero 7 and would not be surprise if the launch prices were the same as last year’s models. However, depending on how many significant improvements there are, a price increase may not be out of the question.

According to the company’s website, the GoPro Hero 7 Black, Hero 5 Black and 2018 Hero model are all waterproof up to 33 feet underwater without an extra housing, so it will be interesting to see how much more this can be increased, if any. Those who dive deeper than 33 feet need the company’s Super Suit cage, which will protect the cameras as low as 196 feet underwater. At the very least, the GoPro Hero 8 may get an upgraded Super Suit to improve its functionality. Either way, the company may be able to really differentiate this year’s line-up in terms of waterproofing somehow.

The Hero 8 could support new accessories as well. Upgraded lenses also seem like a possibility.

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