Netflix, Inc. Tops U.S. Digital Home Video Subscriptions

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Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) tops the chart in digital video home subscriptions in the United States, outperforming companies like Amazon, Apple pay TV operators and broadcasters, says a report from TechCrunch.

Netflix emerges as topmost brand

In a survey conducted by ComScore on video viewing habits, Netflix ended up as the top brand among U.S. households that subscribe to paid digital video subscription services. The brand is also the leading brand among the much-coveted Millennial (18-34 year old) demographic.

Netflix accounts for 32% of all digital video subscriptions in the U.S., whereas Amazon took the second-spot with 19% and Hulu was third with 9%. According to ComScore, Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast are the most preferred methods for watching, totaling to 44% of all users, whereas computers and gaming consoles/Blu-Ray are in the second and third spots at 27% and 21% respectively. Chromecast was expected to perform well as the device was at the top of a recent connected device survey.

Changing viewing habits

ComScore reported that in the category of original TV series, Millennials spend one-third of their viewing time on digital platforms, and that the computer is the most used digital platform. “Generally speaking, the older the viewer the greater percentage of time spent watching on ‘traditional’ TV sets,” ComScore notes.

Binge viewing on TV is typically preferred, and according to the survey, 84% of viewers said that they like to binge watch television shows from their TV set compared to other displays. In its survey, ComScore also concluded that 46% of Millennials’ viewing is time-shifted, ie, after the content is aired live. For those aged between 35-54 years, time-shifted viewing constitutes 35% of their total viewing time and 30% for those older than 55.

ComScore notes that the digital revolution is still way behind broadcast business models. Digital video subscription still needs to penetrate the market deeply with only four out of ten households currently subscribing. Older people are still more comfortable with watching television rather than subscribing to services such as Netflix.

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