Netflix, Inc. Is Best-Performing S&P 500 Stock So Far In 2015

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Netflix has been found to be the best performing stock on the S&P 500 index so far this year, according to a report from Quartz. In the first four months of 2015, the company’s shares have already risen 60%, riding high on the growth in its subscribers coupled with its ambitious ongoing plan to expand globally.

Good time to issue equity, make acquisition

Considering price returns, the U.S.-based online streaming service is way ahead of its competitors, Amazon and Time Warner (owner ofHBO Studios) says the report. That said, profits can disappear in no time as Netflix’s stock is highly volatile. But, for now, the company’s shares are heading towards the $600 price mark, of note to other media industries and content developers worldwide.

Therefore, this suggests that now is a favorable time for the company to issue stock or carry out acquisitions, says the report. In a recent development, the streaming company has been seeking authorization from the shareholders for a stock split, most likely to attract investment from smaller retail shareholders. Not long ago, Apple also split its stock, which ensured its induction into the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Apart from Netflix, other strong performing stocks on S&P 500 were Newfield Exploration and Hospira in the second and third place respectively so far.

Netflix to own more original series

Separately, in an effort to increase its growth and be more independent, Netflix is looking to acquire ownership of more original shows. According to the company’s CEO Reed Hastings, it is planning to add 20 more shows to its streaming service by 2016. The Flaked series, which Netflix already acquired, is one example of such efforts. Moreover, there have been suggestions that company might end up making 40 new original series in the next three years.

The ownership plan will certainly benefit the streaming company in a number of ways. Apart from facilitating the company with another revenue opportunity, it will eliminate any streaming rights issues associated with featuring content in different geographical areas. Moreover, by adding more shows to its repertoire, the firm will ensure a supply of new material, minimizing its dependence on other content developers.

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