Netflix Announces Its First Italian Original Series, ‘Suburra’

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Encouraged by the success of its critically acclaimed show Narcos, Netflix has now announced its first original series from Italy, which is entitled Suburra. Italian TV and movie producer Cattelya will produce the series in collaboration with Rai – the Italian public service broadcaster.

Based on gambling

Suburra, which literally means “slums,” will be a crime series set on the Roman coast and will be covered in ten episodes. The story is about a seaside town located outside Rome that is witnessing a battle to turn it into a gambling paradise. The main characters in the story are a corrupt member of parliament, the head of a powerful family that runs the territory and a young event organizer. Other supporting characters are corrupt religious leaders and rival Mafiosi

Suburra is a captivating story that involves politics, the Vatican, the mafia, corruption, money laundering, drugs and prostitution,” Netflix said, describing the series.

Suburra is based on a book by Giancarlo De Cataldo and Carlo Bonini. The writers say the novel is a journey into the black heart of Rome that uncovers and brings to light many of the scandals taking place currently, “well in advance of their making headlines in the international press,” including major publications like the BBC, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

Global premiere on Netflix in 2017

Suburra’s global premiere on Netflix is scheduled for 2017. Interestingly, the story will begin with a feature film that will hit Italian theaters and Netflix in the Americas on Oct. 14. The film directed by Stefano Sollima will hit Netflix Italy in May 2016. Production on the series will start in the second half of 2016, but according to Netflix, Cattleya has already started with the development.

Sollima said being on Netflix means a lot to her, adding that she is a huge fan of high-quality feature films and groundbreaking TV series, and now her film will be a part of it. She was not only overly excited but also very proud of the fact that Suburra will be seen in the Americas on Oct. 14 while simultaneously releasing in Italian theaters. After debuting on Netflix Italy, the series will be aired by Rai.

At around 11 a.m. Eastern today, Netflix shares were down 2.16% at $108.78. Year to date, the stock is up by over 122%, while in the last year, shares are up by almost 65%.

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