More Talk On iPhone 5 Hardware Specifics and Details

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More Talk On iPhone 5 Hardware Specifics and Details
iPhone 5 Mockup

The iPhone 5 has yet to unveiled but Apple fanboys everywhere are still trying to speculate the next greatest smartphone.

According to BGR, current phone rumors indicate features  a retina display with 640 x 1,136 pixels  and a screen that measures 3.95 inches diagonally, and a small dock connector. This phone model will also feature a Samsung 5L8950X ARM processor. There is no telling if if will be dual-core or quad-core processors but we’re sure it will have a slight performance increase over the last processors for iPhone 4 and iPad 3.

The new processor, which is currently dubbed A5-***(last three numbers were changed to stars to protect the actual name) will probably change to something more like A5X.

What do all these chip names mean for the average consumer? According to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, from ZDNet, they don’t tell us much about the new phone or what we can expect from it.

The iPhone 5 will run on iOS 6 which features Apple’s in-house map application in order to completely shake ties from Google. What’s the most interesting thing about this whole new iOS is that there is one discrepancy. 9to5 Mac originally reported that the GPS/Compass icon was connected to the 3D icon but now they’re reporting the 3D button will actually be located underneath the bottom right scrollable menu.

Right now, nothing has been officially confirmed regarding the iPhone 5 and we don’t expect to hear anything about it until next week’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The phone is also expected to launch in stores sometime in October like its predecessor model iPhone 4s. For now, we can only anticipate Apple’s announcement which will hopefully happen at the WWDC show next week. It would be the perfect opportunity to unveil the phone and give everyone reason to look forward to this upcoming fall, especially since they will discuss future iOS improvement and their new Apple maps feature.

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