Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC Release Date Leaked

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A recent report from Famitsu seems to have given us the release date for the Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC – and it’s coming pretty soon.

The Rise Of Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World took the world by storm when it was released a few months back, bringing the magic of this beloved franchise to an updated aesthetic and control scheme on modern consoles. With satisfying combat and the ability to continually upgrade your gear through a deep and rewarding crafting system, the game keeps people coming back for more even months after the initial release. The repeatable missions and ease of collaboration with friends and strangers alike struck a chord with gamers, giving Capcom the message loud and clear that there’s a demand for such games in the West rather than just in Asian markets.

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Update

As mentioned above, an article from the Japanese publication Famitsu gave us a release date for the Monster Hunter World Deviljho update, with a launch on March 22. We’re assuming that since the original game released at the same time for users around the world that we’ll see a worldwide release at the same time rather than just a release in Japan.

The Monster Hunter World Deviljho update announcement will likely be announced later today during the Monster Hunter World livestream. We already know that the monstrous Deviljho would be arriving in the Ancient Forest area of the game in Spring 2018, after Capcom showed off artwork of the Deviljho picking up the Great Jagras – an impressive feat considering the Great Jagras can be a formidable opponent to the uninitiated on its own.

More DLCs Coming Soon?

While the Monster Hunter World Deviljho update is the first we’ve heard as far as DLCs go for the Monster Hunter World release, we expect that more should be added in the near future. Rumors had been floating around the web that DLC packs would be releasing for the game in each upcoming season, with Summer, Fall, and Winter all seeing new releases – each of them bringing massive new areas to expand the already impressively large Monster Hunter World universe. The addition of the Monster Hunter World Deviljho DLC, however, will be completely free to anyone who already owns the game – meaning anyone can get in on the action and start challenging this behemoth of a dino.

Monster Hunter World: A Success Story For Capcom

While many titles tend to fizzle out soon after release, this latest title from Capcom seems to have a serious amount of staying power. In the past, releases have largely catered to the Japanese audience, but the company may be starting to realize that challenging gigantic dinosaurs and upgrading your gear to get successively more powerful is a mechanic that appeals to gamers around the world. Monster Hunter games have always been successful in Japan with middling results in the United States due to the lower prevalence of handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. By releasing a beautiful and fully-featured game for modern consoles and supporting it with some free DLC like the Monster Hunter Deviljho content pack, Capcom is managing to keep the news and gamers alike talking about one of the hottest new titles of 2018.

If future DLCs continue to release that expand the world further and give people even more areas to explore and dinosaurs to conquer, we could see Monster Hunter World boast an incredible amount of staying power. Only time will tell whether Capcom can capitalize on this success, or if Monster Hunter World will be shelved by many gamers soon after this initial hype. All in all, it’s up to the company to keep releasing quality content that keeps gamers hooked. They have a good formula on their hands, and if they can expand and capitalize on that success we may see many more Monster Hunter World games in the future.

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