Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Coming To Nintendo Switch On Aug.28

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Japanese developer Capcom has announced that it has finally decided to bring the Monster Hunter Double Cross on the Nintendo Switch console in the US. However, it will be branded as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate rather than Double Cross. The Ultimate edition promises to bring more deviants, monsters, and hunting styles. It will be released on Nintendo’s hybrid console on August 28th.

The Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate isn’t a port of the Monster Hunter: World. Capcom has already made it clear that Monster Hunter: World won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch, though it is already available on the Xbox One and PS4. The Generations Ultimate will be a follow-up to the 2016 Nintendo 3DS title Monster Hunter Generations, whose sequel Double Cross was released in Japan in August 2017. Both versions have sold millions of copies in the country since launch.

The Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will offer a different experience than the Monster Hunter: World. You’ll have the opportunity to team up with up to three players via local or online multiplayer simultaneously. It will also allow you to transfer and save data from the original Monster Hunter Generations, and continue your game in the Generations Ultimate. It will be similar to the series’ classic gameplay.

Capcom said you’d get to take on the role of a brave hunter to face off against larger-than-life beasts in this “nostalgic look back at the series’ beginnings and evolutions.” You’ll have to defend each of the game’s four villages along the way from the Fated Four monstrosities. There will also be a new and incredibly dangerous Elder Dragon. Players will get to slay giant beasts and then craft distinct weapons using their skin and bones.

There will be six different hunting styles including two new ones called the Brave Style and Alchemy Style. The Brave Style rewards you with new moves upon landing successive attacks. The Alchemy Style gives you the ability to create useful things during combat. There will also be many other weapons, armor, and other items for a custom hunting experience.

Capcom said the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate would also add new explorable areas as well as a new quest level called “G” rank. The developer is set to demo the Generations Ultimate at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles next month before releasing the game on Nintendo Switch on August 28th.

Separately, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: World has turned out to be its best-selling game of all time. The developer said during its latest earnings call that the title has shipped more than 7.9 million copies since its release in late January. It helped boost Capcom’s revenues to a “record high” of 94.51 billion yen ($861.2 million). The company’s operating profits jumped 17.5% to $145.8 million.

Capcom told investors that the Monster Hunter: World has “significantly contributed” to its strong financial performance. The flagship title has received “immense popularity” due to its near-flawless execution. The game has not only established domestic popularity, but also helped expand Capcom’s worldwide user base. The tremendous success in overseas markets has further energized the company’s global operations.

The publisher has also promised to release “two major titles” in the next fiscal year to expand its global presence, but didn’t specify the titles. It will also bring more updates to the Monster Hunter: World. Capcom has also revealed its intention to make a “full-scale entry” into esports in its home country, where it has already established the Capcom Esports Club. The company has also established a dedicated esports division.

In its earnings report, Capcom also talked about “recurring revenues,” which could refer to DLC or loot-based systems.

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