Mohnish Pabrai: The Best Investors In The World Are Dead People

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Part II of a recent Mohnish Pabrai interview

To cure ourselves of this malaise, we have to pay attention to the words of wisdom of ace investor Mohnish Pabrai. His latest interview to ETNow, given on the occasion of the ET Value Investing Conference, contains valuable advice given in a friendly and unassuming manner on what we are doing wrong and how we can rectify that situation.


On the second aspect, Mohnish recited an amusing anecdote (@11.55) to make his point that ‘buy-n-hold’ is the correct strategy. He pointed out thatFidelity Investments had conducted a study which showed that the best investors in the World, i.e. those who had got the best returns, are those who are either ‘dead’ or who had ‘forgotten’ their investments.

More text here – full video below

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