Mohamed Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Republican Guard Gunfire

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Republican Guard Gunfire

Mohamed Morsi Supporters Killed by Egyptian Republican Guard Gunfire

Investigations have revealed that 54 people were killed, mostly by gunfire, in violent confrontations between supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and security forces by the Republican Guard’s headquarters in Cairo on Monday.

Four people died as a result of birdshot wounds, a prosecutor said, calling for quick investigations to reveal the identity of eight of the dead bodies.

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Investigations showed that the victims were from various parts of the country including Cairo, Suez and Alexandria.

The prosecution sent a team to the hospitals where the wounded were kept to question them and hear their testimonies.

Prosecutor-general Abdel Maguid Mahmoud officially resigns

Egypt’s top prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud officially tendered his resignation from his post as prosecutor-general on Tuesday, the state television reported.

Mahmoud submitted his resignation on Thursday and asked to be returned to the judiciary to avoid a conflict of interest.

The same politicians under Mohamed Morsi who once removed Mahmoud, who was appointed by ousted President Hosni Mubarak, from his position are now standing trial.

Egypt’s army ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday in response to mass demonstrations that swept the country last week.

June 30 Front says violence leaves room for foreign intervention as Mohamed Morsi supporters Rage

Organizers of the “Tamarod” (Rebel) campaign who were behind the demonstrations which toppled Islamist President Mohamed Morsi has denounced violence that took place by the Republican Guard’s headquarters.

It said that the violence, which left over 50 people dead on Monday, is an image of armed struggle that leaves room for foreign intervention.

The June 30 Front said in a statement on Tuesday that the struggle is ongoing and burning, adding that using victims and deaths to gain the sympathy of society and the international community is delaying the democratic transition.

The Front praised the army’s performance, saying that it has dealt with protests with wisdom and self-restraint without attacks or harassment.

It called for the prosecution of all those who participated in recent violence, immediate investigations in the events and the dissolution of political parties based on religious ideas.

It stressed on the importance of speeding up the formation of a national coalition government to end the crises facing the country.

Masked assailants fired shots at Mary Mina Church in Port Said then escaped during the early hours of Tuesday.

No injuries were reported after the attack, the state news agency MENA said.

Police and army forces were deployed to the church and investigations are ongoing.

This is the fourth attack witnessed by the city in the past 24 hours by Mohamed Morsi supporters.

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