Mohamed Morsi Receives Support from Egyptian Salafi Nour Party

The Salafi Nour Party proposed on Monday a new initiative to replace the roadmap which Major General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi put forward last week after Mohamed Morsi was deposed as president.

The initiative is based on forming a national reconciliation committee to be approved by the armed forces and all political movements, the party said in a statement.

The party explained it initially approved of the roadmap because it was trying to end the bloodshed and maintain the state’s identity, the Middle East News Agency reported.

The roadmap’s steps did not stop the bloodshed, the party stated, adding that these steps even worsened matters by shutting down religious television channels with no legal basis and filming prominent figures as the police arrested them.

The party also accused Interim President Adli Mansour of acting in a dictator-like manner and siding with an intellectual current that finds little approval among Egyptians.

Popular Current condemns Republican Guard violence

The “Popular Current” condemned on Monday the violence that took place at the Republican Guards headquarters and “the attempts to drag the armed forces to a confrontation in which they are forced to defend their lives and property” led by supporters of Mohamed Morsi.

In a statement it issued earlier, the current urged protesters, regardless of their political affiliation, to keep their demonstrations peaceful and avoid attacking state institutions, especially military ones.

The group also renewed its invitation to the Brotherhood youth, Mohamed Morsi supporters, and political Islam currents to stop the bloodshed and abort all attempts to thwart popular legitimacy which millions supported on June 30 and which the military backed.

The current called for forming an objective and independent investigation committee and empowering it to uncover what happened at the Republican Guard headquarters.

The current is a leftist group formed by former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi.

Egypt Muslims begin fasting for Ramadan on Wednesday

Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta has announced that Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan will start on Wednesday.

State Mufti Fathy Allam wished Egyptians a Happy Ramadan and expressed hopes that God will unite Egyptians for the stability and safety of the nation.

Mohamed Morsi’s PM Kandil officially resigns from post

Prime Minister Hisham Kandil of the Mohamed Morsi administration officially rendered his resignation on Monday, saying that the government was finding it difficult to operate in light of the “clear military coup”.

Kandil said in his resignation, which he wrote on July 3 to present to deposed President Mohamed Morsi but was only published today, that everybody in the streets is form the same nation and that confrontations would harm all parties.

Kandil added that he wrote his resignation after the army ousted the Islamist president on Wednesday.

Egypt army says images of dead children from Syria

Egypt’s army spokesman Ahmed Mohamed Aly denied on Monday that army forces fired life shots at pro Mohamed Morsi protesters.

The spokesman added that one of his colleagues is currently being operated on because he received a bullet to the head which indicated that shots came from the top of buildings.

“The images of dead children which were displayed on one of the Facebook pages of Islamist parities is from the civil war in Syria,” Aly insisted.

He added that the Egyptian army only attacks its “enemies” and would never kill children.


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